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Life after Leaving BS - Success Stories


Replies to: Life after Leaving BS - Success Stories

  • cameo43cameo43 1701 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Congratulations to PelicanKid! I love happy endings. :)
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  • stargirl3stargirl3 3400 replies37 threads Senior Member
    @cameo43‌ Alas, this is just the beginning! ;)
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  • payn4wardpayn4ward 3208 replies13 threads Senior Member
    @PelicanDad Congratulations to you and PelicanKid!
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  • HarvestMoon1HarvestMoon1 6200 replies28 threads Senior Member
    Great outcome @PeilicanDad. Glad to hear it and congrats to Pelicankid!
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  • A08842A08842 2512 replies42 threads Senior Member
    Congratulations. That's great news.
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  • london203london203 1351 replies26 threads Senior Member
    Good luck to PelicanKid on the next big adventure. The sky's the limit!
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  • london203london203 1351 replies26 threads Senior Member
    Are you sure they don't know you were getting ready for a rescue mission? They might know you better than you think!
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  • PhotographerMomPhotographerMom 1983 replies61 threads Senior Member
    Ha! You're probably right, London. :)

    When they were at BS, I bet they've thought a lot about hitting the open road without a permission slip, chaperone or curfew for many, many years and now we're here! I do admire their ingenuity ( for making the weekend happen and getting there ) but I would feel better if they had a plan or even a vague idea how they'll get back...... Just give me something-..... anything!!

    My husband: Are you going to save some of that Halloween candy for the kids tonight?

    LOL. I'm fine..... really.
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  • twinsmamatwinsmama 1692 replies55 threads Senior Member
    Have another Milky Way.
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