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Back to School Shopping

vwlizardvwlizard 314 replies32 threadsRegistered User Member
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So, what were your back to school shopping bargains?
Got to love Old Navy. Was able to get DS a bunch of $4 polos (he's not picky about brands). He still fits in kids sizes so picked up a bunch of $6 uniform pants, but unfortunately, they don't come in slim in size 16 so they didn't work. Adult pants weren't as much of a bargain and don't fit him there yet.

Was able to get Abercrombie pants and button-downs for $20 each. Waiting for them to come to see if they fit. American Eagle Pants were BOGO 1/2 off, but still not a bargain as original price is $50 but they fit really well, so I got them. Aeropostle polos for $8.50, button-downs for $15 and pants for $20 (again, not sure if those will fit)

I always buy a new blazer at Lands End when they go on sale for 40% off.

I totally cleaned up at Kohl's. It's like they pay you to shop there. Since they allow you to stack coupons, I was able to get multiple sheet sets, a comforter, pillowcases and a blanket for about $120. Plus they gave me $30 in Kohl's cash that I used to buy a couple of blazers which were marked down to about $38 with all the discounts. Then I applied THAT Kohl's cash to underwear and socks.

The one thing I can't seem to ever get a bargain on is ties. And still looking for button-downs that fit. I feel like we've tried almost all of them.

I had to buy a lot as DS grew out of everything this spring and his school is formal dress.
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Replies to: Back to School Shopping

  • CaliMexCaliMex 1743 replies34 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Most Goodwills on the West Coast will have lots of great ties. No one wears them in California anymore ...
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  • mairlodimairlodi 44 replies4 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    @vwlizard , my son is seems to be similarly sized to yours (size 16 slim pants), and the best fitting pants I have found for him are boys’ Lands End slim pants. They have adjustable waists (necessity for my thin son), and you can also choose the inseam, which is great because my son outgrows pants in length, so buying them long keeps him in them longer.
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  • CTMom21CTMom21 422 replies2 threadsRegistered User Member
    I have had good luck with J Crew for khakis for my slim boys. J Crew Factory and J Crew have good sales, and most of the ties i’ve bought are from J Crew Factory. Even their regular ties seem to be proportioned smaller and good for smaller boys.
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  • vwlizardvwlizard 314 replies32 threadsRegistered User Member
    edited August 14
    @CTMom21 - Thanks. Forgot about J Crew Factory. We are all set with everything but 1 or 2 more blazers. We always rely on just getting the next size in LandsEnd, but he seems to be between sizes right now.
    Can't seem to find the right cut and hoping this will do it.
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  • CavsFan2003CavsFan2003 897 replies71 threadsRegistered User Member
    We ransacked thrift stores, Old Navy, American Eagle, and Target! Now I just need a couple other things (socks, a poster, another pair of jeans)...
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  • RedLionessRedLioness 89 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    we haven't done anything... Welp
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