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Covid and Dress Codes

vwlizardvwlizard 381 replies36 threads Member
I'm going to start a new thread so this doesn't get buried under the COVID Re-opening thread.

Have any schools mentioned how they are going to address dress code within their COVID reopening plans?

I just shot off an e-mail to Lizardkid's HOS to ask if they would consider doing away with the blazer and tie requirement for next year. First, we all know those blazers only get washed every few months. Second, I'm not so excited to replace all of the blazers that Lizardkid has grown out of knowing that there is a chance they end up back at home or taking most of their classes from their dorm room.
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Replies to: Covid and Dress Codes

  • busymommyof4busymommyof4 147 replies20 threads Junior Member
    We were told the kids will have to pack “minimally”, but haven’t been given a list or details yet. My daughter was thinking they may do away with formal dinners because of all of this. I’ll be curious to see what the suggestions are!
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  • vwlizardvwlizard 381 replies36 threads Member
    Just got a reply that they are going to revise the dress code. Now, I just wish they'd get that info out as I need the time to shop.
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  • dramakid2dramakid2 279 replies3 threads Junior Member
    My rising 9th grader will be attending a local boarding school as a day student in the fall. His school typically has one formal dress day a week (Monday) that require jacket and tie all day. They just announced yesterday that there will be no formal dress at all this fall, which is a great relief. They are going to utilize outside space as much as they can, and I am grateful that the kids can dress in khakis and polos every day rather than deal with formal dress even one day a week.
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  • vwlizardvwlizard 381 replies36 threads Member
    I just got the new dress code which went from formal dress every day to just formal dress on Monday. Still have to deal with a germy blazer, just not as often. And thinking about it, it actually makes shopping a bit more difficult. I had a great spread sheet going when it was all formal dress. 8 white shirts, 8 khakis, 3 blazers, 5 ties and socks and underwear. It was pretty easy.
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