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Why will you be rejected/deferred/accepted?


Replies to: Why will you be rejected/deferred/accepted?

  • cavalier302cavalier302 4293 replies50 threads Senior Member
    accept: not much, I have average SATs for Princeton, decent rank, geographical diversity (rural va??), good recs

    defer: nothing special about me, decent essays, meh...

    reject: probably not ED, but if I get deferred, this wouldn't be unexpected in the RD
    round...If they don't want me I'd assume they'd go defer--->reject
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  • kayoshinkayoshin 183 replies14 threads Junior Member
    --I have decent/good sat 1 and 2 scores, and each one that i retook shows significant improvement.
    --Great recs, including from a hospice (i feel bad that i havent seen em due to this college stuff).
    --Piano for 7 years (cost of classes forced me to quit 2 years ago, but i still practice, and have sent in a cd)
    --Karate since age of 5 (did a good essay on it, and its a major part of me)
    --Science Research course (gives a chance to do independant work in science), with a few awards on the state level (expect a few more this Spring)
    --most rigorous courses in school

    Rejected/Deffered: (basically my bad points)
    --living in NJ
    --Only ap test I've taken is a 4 in Comp Sci (My school only allows 3 aps in the junior year, and impossible to take more than one, since they overlapped)
    --Rank 18
    --Sat not GREAT (760M, 720V)
    --No National awards
    --No leadership positions or great EC's within school
    --Having too many recs (i have 5 optional; it kinda got out of hand with all the ppl that wanted to write... my english teacher even wrote me a rec without telling me ">.>)

    *sigh* i should have done it in "defer/reject, and then accept" order, cuz i dont like to finish up on the bad points.

    EDIT: oh yea, under defer/reject:
    --GPA of only 3.512
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  • gracilisaegracilisae 1392 replies17 threads Senior Member
    Bokonon - my employment was two summers at a children's 2-week track camp, so I'm not far behind you
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