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How do I get into princeton

martinzamartinza Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
edited September 2012 in Princeton University
Princeton is my dream school and i was wondering how i can get in right now i have a 2.67 GPA i wondering what classes should i take to get to the GPA and what I should do to become a considered student.
Next year I am taking Honors Chem U.S History 1 English 10
But I am debating wether I shpuld double up on my math or on science
Math would be :Honors Geometry and Honors Algebra 2
Science would be :Honors Chem and AP Biology
qhich was would they consider to be the better choice
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Replies to: How do I get into princeton

  • zakkusuzakkusu Registered User Posts: 86 Junior Member
    Look. I may not be someone who got into Princeton, but since Princeton is one of my dream schools and after talking with a lot of people who have gotten into these colleges, I think I can give you some advice. A 2.67 isn't going to help you. If you're a Freshman or a sophomore, you still have a chance. But if this is your Junior year, I regret to say this, but you may want to set your sights somewhat lower. I hear that the average GPA for Princeton is circa 3.8 or so. They also want to see you really push yourself academically. So, you may want to try out a few more AP classes. I'd go with AP Bio over Chem honors. Or you could double up, assuming you want to take AP Chemistry the year after(unless your a junior. If that's the case then that may not be such a good idea). Now for doubling up, only do that if you are planning on majoring in something in the science areas. Otherwise, it's a waste of time. As for your other academics, English and History, those are kind of weak. Does your school offer them in AP? If so, try that. Even if you start out rough in those classes, the weight will surely help you. And also, do you have a major extracurricular talent? If so, make sure to develop it to the best you can make it. If you have that kind of skill or talent, you can fairly easily make up for that 2.67. I don't mean to be discouraging in anyway, but I've been told repeatedly by my guidance counselor "This is what you want. No one on earth said THIS would ever be easy, so don't expect to give anything less than your all." That's what I've been trying to live by. Maybe it will help you. Best of luck to you, mate.
  • yungkhalifa734yungkhalifa734 Registered User Posts: 30 Junior Member
    be a minority
  • reach4thestars45reach4thestars45 Registered User Posts: 126 Junior Member
    Hey! I was accepted to Princeton a few days ago and I'd be happy to give you some advice. First thing you need to do is raise your GPA. To be considered, I would say you need at least a 3.0, but the higher the better. If you think you can handle it, take the most rigorous course load possible (meaning APs).

    Just as important as GPA is standardized testing. I'm not sure what grade you're in, but even as a freshman you can start preparing for the SAT and SAT IIs, on which you want to receive at least a 700, and a 750 would be ideal. To get into these top schools, you also need to be well-rounded and have extra curriculars. But that doesn't mean you need to join a thousand clubs simply to get into Princeton - do activities because you're passionate about them. I found that the best way to get into college is just to be yourself. Throughout high school, just do what you love and the rest will fall into place.

    To get into these top schools, you've probably also heard that you need a "hook" - something unique and special about you. This merely means that if you find an activity or hobby that you are especially passionate about, then you should pursue it. You can use your summers and vacations to work on this. Admissions officers want to read your application and get a sense of who you really are. They read thousands upon thousands of applications, so making yourself memorable and standing out is key.

    The college admissions process is tough, but through your desire and determination to get accepted, you'll be encouraged to explore new things, and in the end no matter where you end up, the effort you put in while make you a better and stronger person. Best of luck!!
  • robs561robs561 Registered User Posts: 14 New Member
    trollolololol lolololol
  • ib612ib612 Registered User Posts: 447 Member
    2.67 .... lol
  • ib612ib612 Registered User Posts: 447 Member
    to get into an elite school like princeton, a near perfect GPA or top 1% class ranking with a with 2100+ SAT are simply the baseline requirements to be considered....if you are a normal student and don't have those basic credentials consider your application trashed, but once you exceed that baseline, there is still a slim chance of getting in...you need to convey that you are a brilliant person who will continue to promote the prestigious legacy of the school

    for example, Princeton wants another Meg Whitman, Sonia Sotomayor, or Elana Kagan...if you cant fulfill those basic academic requirements, how can you be amazing like those people?
  • PrincetonWalnutPrincetonWalnut Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    There are plenty of amazing people who had poor grades in high school, but they didn't go to Princeton.
    Back to the question: how to get into Princeton? that's two fold.
    First, if you want them to read your application for real and actually even consider you, you need AT LEAST a 2000 on the SAT (although 2100+ is much safer) and a very high GPA (I had 2220 and 3.97 unweighted). I'm not sure what the actual number is (or if there is one) but I'd say 3.8 unweighted is safe. Also, they will make adjustments for your particular high school. e.g. if you're top 25% at Exeter that's just as impressive as being top 1% at some terrible public school. They'll look at your classes and grades in those to get a more specific idea of what your academics are like

    Then, now that they're reading your application, you need to have a hook to stand out from the other 10,000+ people with great stats. In my case, it certainly helped that I'm a pianist (I was a piano major at Walnut Hill for 3 years and have studied with Angel Rivera, Roberto Poli, and Sylvia Chambless at NEC prep) and a male ballet dancer (I was a ballet major at Walnut Hill for my senior year but had danced some for about 8 years). I sent a CD and a DVD so they could see that it wasn't just a resume, but that I could actually DO those things. It doesn't have to be arts, but you have to have something special. Also, get help with college essays. Those are extremely important because they have 10,000+ perfectly qualified students. They want to feel like they KNOW you. I had 2 English teachers and some friends help me with mine.
  • 15tinkersizzle15tinkersizzle Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Right now I am a freshman and I really want to get excepted to princeton but I'm not sure what classes I should take that will help me prepare proficiently. Like I said I'm a freshman, my grades are pretty good but I'm struggling in Biology, Help!!
  • vitaminXDvitaminXD Registered User Posts: 73 Junior Member
    this is late ):

    @15tinkersizzle: well, does your school have an NHS? If you're having trouble in a particular class, you can always get a tutor.
    And you should take the classes that you want; not the ones you think Princeton will be impressed by. If you are interested in history, then you should take AP USH. If you like music, then AP Music Theory, or Jazz Band or whatever. The point is, you need to challenge yourself in what you like to do.
  • SymbiosisSymbiosis Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    What would be a powerful application to Princeton?I mean like... What should be on an app? What would be like some achievements or ECs( non specific ... as in like two leadership positions in well known clubs.. et cetera.) that a good candidate should have? PLEASE HELP ME...

    I am a sophomore.\

    OOh and also.... i can't put more than two tags on my threads... why?
  • VilifyVilify Registered User Posts: 10 New Member
    The question is not how do I get into Princeton. It should be what should I do to get into Princeton...
  • futuregraduatefuturegraduate Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    @PrincetonWalnut...What is your major? What college did you apply to?
  • T26E4T26E4 Registered User Posts: 24,274 Senior Member

    rule #1: don't revive two year old threads
    rule #2: don't address anyone whose last post was in Aug 2012. You can check their posting history by clicking on their name.
  • BoondocksBoondocks Registered User Posts: 315 Member
    Futuregraduate: You don't declare a major when you apply to Princeton. You simply name your preferences, which are non-binding. If you check off engineering as a preference, you have to write an additional essay.
  • ferferfer2ferferfer2 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi I want to get into Princeton university too, and im a sophomore in high school who has Aice European history, Aice English, taking my third year of Spanish, chemistry, geometry honors energy industry, and p.e. Last year I took pre-aice classes and one A.P. class: Human geography. In Human geo, I had straight C's and didn't pass the college credit exam. But I had A's and Bs in the pre aice and other classes. So my GPA last year was 3.3-3.5. But this year I have a C in aice European history and a D in geometry honors, so my GPA is 3.0 unweighted. Are there still chances I can still go to Princeton. Also, I am taking online classes like criminal justice, and half credit classes. I am in Key club too.
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