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Ohiodad51 Senior Member

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  • Re: A good article in the Atlantic on the problems at Reed and the Hum 101 protests

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with students agitating to adjust curriculum to better meet what they believe to be their needs and concerns.

    You do understand that is not what happened here, don’t you?
  • Re: A good article in the Atlantic on the problems at Reed and the Hum 101 protests

    @lknomad, these are indeed difficult times. Neither side of the crazy spectrum seems willing to pull back, and for that reason, I am very much afraid that things are going to get worse before they improve. In some ways, I do think stories like this one at Reed help, because it illustrates for the 90%+ of students who are not crazy that they do not simply have to knuckle under to the far left. The only way this situation improves is if the rational among us stands up and says enough.
  • Re: A good article in the Atlantic on the problems at Reed and the Hum 101 protests

    There is a significantly larger issue at play and that is the protection of our children who, due to this constant media attention, may become targets of unwanted groups. A Reedie who had just graduated was murdered on the train in Portland less than a year ago while standing up to protect two young women. I personally don't care anymore about this protest or that protest. I want the media to stop bringing attention to our children who are young and passionate and sometimes misguided in how they express themselves and I want the administration to hold their safety as more important than anything or anyone else. I believe they are doing that.

    There are two main problems with the argument that permitting media coverage of the irrational actions of far left protesters on campuses leads to at least incipient threats of "hate" being expressed towards the protesters. First, like it or not, free speech, whether as a concept of western thought or as a part of the First Amendment, applies to both the left and the right. The days of the left getting to do what it wants and the right being expected to sit down and be quiet are over, for good or ill. The internet (and many of the purely ideological "news" sites that have proliferated there) has taken care of that. There is no way that you will ever get the majority of the citizenry to agree with the idea that lefty protesters can disrupt classes, hound righty students, or scream at professors but no one should be allowed to say anything about it. We have seen this argument tried at Yale, Evergreen, Mizzou and many other places. It is a flat loser. Remember, "democracy dies in darkness".

    Maybe more fundamentally, the only way the "sometimes misguided" proto-fascists who are inciting the protests learn they are misguided is by exposure to views from outside their bubble. How else are these young adults supposed to learn that the world at large is not (at least yet) primarily concerned with issues of gender identity, racial justice, or the removal of dead white men from our literary and cultural canon? From whence do they derive the knowledge that they are not immune from the consequences of their behavior? Clearly, actual violence, whether directed at Republican congressmen, righties at Trump rallies or lefties protesting monuments, is always and unequivocally wrong. But short of a credible threat of actual violence (and sorry, an alum being killed a year ago by a lunatic in a situation having nothing whatsoever to do with the college is not a "credible threat" of violence in the current situation) I am not sure that there is anything that colleges can or should do. Young people need to learn that there are viewpoints other then their own. At some point, they even need to learn that it is possible to disagree with them without being a racist/sexist/homophobe/nazi. Obviously many colleges lack the institutional will or ability to teach this lesson. The world being what it is, someone else will do so.
  • Re: I hate the college I was recruited to.

    This is a very tough situation. I personally would try and let things sit through the end of the season. Freshman year of football is very difficult under the best of circumstances and lots of guys consider transferring (myself included) at some point. In the majority of cases, things get better. I would therefore wait until the season is over, give it a couple weeks of a different type of schedule, and then see where you are. There is time to make this decision, and it is a big one. I would use that time to make sure whatever decision you make is the right move for you.
  • Re: The State of Free Speech and Tolerance in America

    Unfortunately there are those across the political spectrum who don't believe in robust free speech. It was silly of the left to assume that they could act without consequence, and now in many unfortunate ways we are seeing non progressives adopt similar attitudes and philosophies. I believe some people are in the process of finding out that the majority of the country is, on social policy at least, in a far different place than coastal California and the mid Atlantic.

    To the very few of you who do not seem to understand this basic point, there is an obvious distinction between using violent means to stop speech with which you disagree and advocating for consequences for those who do things you may object to. In other words, believing a private employer should fire an employee who takes an action viewed by a large number of customers as disrespectful/divisive is in no rational way the same thing as shutting down speakers who are to the right of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, or trying to stop the teaching of Plato and Descartes because they happened to be white and male.

    And can we just stop with the "punching nazis" thing? You all do a disservice to the men and women who fought the bloodiest war in history against a regime that virtually wiped out an entire race in Europe, and killed millions of people in service to a corrupt and disgraceful ideology when you equate wearing a MAGA hat with being a Nazi. And to do this solely to defend a bunch of fascist punk bullies who you believe can be reliably counted on to support your preferred Presidential candidate makes me want to puke. It is a disgusting and it should stop.