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Chance me for Purdue UG Engineering

PXM43823PXM43823 5 replies2 threads New Member
Im an International Student and I applied EA for Purdue Engineering without aid.

GPA: about 3.3-3.7 (my school doesnt give GPA im jsut guessing over here)

IB Predicteds:
Math HL-5
Physics HL-6
Econ HL-6
Chemistry SL-6
English SL-5
Spanish SL-5

SAT total: 1530
English: 740

SAT math 2: 790
SAT Physics: 750

-Multiple Internships-One at an airport operations company and one at an electrical appliance company
-Lead singer for school Band
-Grade 5 Trinity Piano
-Online Coursera courses in Engineering mechanics and Python from the University of Michigan and Georgia Tech
-Starting point guard for Varsity basketball team.
-Two volunteering jobs

I had a few more but I forogt now tbh

My essays were good according to my college counsellor and my parents.

Im an international applicant but I applied EA. I checked Purdue's stats and last year they have a 51.6% overall acceptance rate (both RD and EA i think) for international engineering applicants but historically it was closer to 30%

I think I have a good shot just wanted to see what other people thought.
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