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Chance me for Class of 2024?

alittlebitlostalittlebitlost 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hey I'm going into senior year and I am really interested in Reed. I am applying EA but only because my family and I are unsure about financial aid, otherwise I really want to go to Reed.
Basically what are my chances?
GPA 4.1 W 3.8 UW
SAT 1400 720 M 680 RW (I'm gonna take it again in August aiming higher than 1450)
ACT 32
-VP of my school's FCCLA chapter which has over 200 members
-National competitor/won a silver medal at FCCLA advocacy competition
-Did some volunteer work on a summer GLA trip
-Involved in leading Freshman at school
-I work part time
-Played guitar for over 6 years (but not for band just a personal hobby/passion)

What would be the best ways to express that I really am committed to going to the school without being an ED kid? I heard about possibly emailing my admissions officer but I am not sure what to say/ask. Any advice on making myself known to the admissions team?
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  • vonlostvonlost 18987 replies15479 threads Super Moderator
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    You can safely apply ED; if the FA offer is insufficient, you (sadly) say thanks but no thanks. But if the NPC shows insufficient FA, there’s not much point in applying to Reed at all. Your numbers look like a match, but numbers are only 20% of Reed admission criteria; see https://www.reed.edu/reed_magazine/spring2008/features/many_apply/5.html
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  • Valarie87Valarie87 14 replies0 threads New Member
    Reed meets 100% of demonstrated need so depending upon your EFC it’s likely you’ll get good aid if you get in. Your numbers look good but their criteria is far more multifaceted than that. It’s worth putting a lot of time and thought into your essays. Do some research on the culture of the school, the little traditions (Doyle Owl, sunny day Keg, renfayre etc.) and work them in. Make it clear you have a good sense of why you’re a good fit for the community. Talk about why they should want you; what you’ll contribute, not just why you want them. Also, the best way to indicate genuine interest in the school is to visit. It’s also the best way to get a sense of academic and social life on campus. Go for an overnight, have an in person interview with your admissions counselor. Attend at least 2 classes (including a hum110 conference or lecture) you’ll get a better sense of the school (which will help you write your essays) and it’ll show interest and commitment. Also, if you can connect and build a relationship with an alumni who might be willing to write you a personal recommendation that’d be a good way to have your “fit” with the community vouched for. Try reaching out to admissions about an alumni in your area of whom you can ask questions. Set up a coffee date. Wow them, maybe invite them to a event at your school that you’re involved in.
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