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Thoughts on Reed College

KimberleyinCOKimberleyinCO 1 replies1 threads New Member
My daughter was just accepted to Reed and she is very excited but I have some concerns about their relatively low retention rate (why is that?) and rumored drug culture. Would love to hear your experience, thanks!
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Replies to: Thoughts on Reed College

  • merc81merc81 11284 replies187 threads Senior Member
    Regarding retention, Reed's first-year rate (88%) falls along a continuum in which it is difficult to draw sharp distinctions. While Reed's rate lands somewhat lower than those of the NESCACs and Claremonts, for example, it places higher than those of some LACs in its region such as UPS (85%) and Lewis & Clark (83%).

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  • hurryslowlyhurryslowly 7 replies0 threads New Member
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    Hi, and congratulations to your daughter!! I have two (!) Reedies and it has been an outstanding college education for both. One just graduated May '17, and she is still missing it like crazy. The other is a junior and loves it, another great fit. They are very different people, but Reed was/is a wonderful home for both. Excellent teaching, close relationships with profs., lots of opportunities if you seek them out. The eldest made lifelong friends, the second is less social but has a tightknit department and closeness with classmates and advisor. I think its reputation for drug culture is bogus in that it's overblown and kind of a legend that won't die. Drugs are around as they are at any college, but my understanding is no pressure to get involved (same with alcohol, and probably less alcohol problem than many big colleges, no frat stuff). It's a very demanding school academically, perhaps too much pressure for some, also, I think maybe Reed takes a lot of chances on kids, and things just don't work out for whatever reason? I kind of wonder as well if Reed takes a lot of introverted boys who have difficulty connecting with the community/making friends, and that undermines their success at Reed, so they leave? Just wondering.
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  • 93pilots93pilots 130 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Hi, I’m also the parent of a junior and just stopping by to echo what was said above about druggie reputation. My kid says drugs are accessible but there’s no pressure to partake and many don’t. It’s a tough school but he’s getting a really great education (and being made to work for it). You didn’t mention whether your daughter has had a chance to visit campus but suggest she do that if at all possible....it’s kind of a “love it or hate it” place.
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