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RPI and Internships


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    @123France you are 2 for 2 ! !
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    @reformedman, So if you do not require to do co-op, for example you could not find one and decided just contionue with education, can you graduate early?
    Yes, according to RPI they say officially you are permitted to continue taking classes elsewhere so if you haven't transferred any courses into RPI yet it would be worthwhile taking advantage of taking courses as my kid did to graduate early. He picked elective and humanities courses which didn't directly impact his degree courses at a local college which saved him a whole semester. It was way more affordable taking the courses at the local college than to take it at RPI. The courses transferred appear as credits completed for the particular department. The grades are dropped so whether your kid gets a C or an A, it just appears as passed.
    To see what classes you can take at your local school that will transfer to RPI, use this site.
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  • reformedmanreformedman 416 replies28 threadsRegistered User Member
    Just to add a little note:

    I continue to say, a lot of what you read here in these posts are written by angry sensitive people. Don't believe a lot of what you read and instead use the official RPI website to get source accurate information. Keep in mind, what we at RPI call Summer-Arch is almost identical to what a lot of other colleges and universities call by other names. RPI has been working-out great for both my sons and they're both happy.
    Keep in mind that a fall co-op is easier to get than a summer internship so if you aren't able to get a fall co-op, more than likely you may not have gotten a summer internship anyway so it's not necessarily RPI's fault. For his co-op choices he compiled a list of over 90 companies that were related to his field. He then set up on a spreadsheet the internet links to each of these companies' career pages. Then in another column he set up the co-op offers for those fields. And after applying to each, he set up another column indicating which ones rejected him and which ones offered him an interview. There is still plenty of time to apply to more co-ops for this coming fall and if by September you haven't received an offer just take the Spring Co-Op option instead and take junior classes at RPI during the fall. One of the advisors told my son last year that there has consistently been more available Co-op offers open in the Spring more than Fall.
    I can say a lot more on this subject but I feel I've repeated this stuff before too many times. Please disregard all the negative talk you read by a lot of other people here.
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 7259 replies56 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I don't think it's fair to say to disregard the negative concerns. However, it is fair to say that everyone should do their due diligence beyond this site.
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  • reformedmanreformedman 416 replies28 threadsRegistered User Member
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