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RPI Summer ARCH program - Run away


Replies to: RPI Summer ARCH program - Run away

  • Ultramarine777Ultramarine777 Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    @TQfromtheU, That is very positive. DS was concerned that students are negative about this program, after he read all of the comments. Where is RPI parents group... on FB ?
  • Ultramarine777Ultramarine777 Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    @annamom , I am glad your DD loves RPI , that is the most important. Thank you for explaining about summer semesters, very helpful. I also looked through the summer courses looks like a good amount but it also depends on the need of the individual student that is hard for me to know now.

    About ability to change a semester away ...they actually mentioned it in the presentation. Again may be it is not encouraged but looks like if needed can be done. I am thinking if he goes to RPI I would suggest for him to take a Spring semester away as was mentioned here. Also i did not ask about Fin aid. All of this are great questions, but I am completely new to this process. He is my first going to college, and when I went myself I paid a full price by working full time and was not qualified for any Fin aid.
  • annamomannamom Registered User Posts: 1,449 Senior Member
    @Ultramarine777 The parent group is on FB and you can only be a member after your son has been committed to RPI.
  • RPIparent77RPIparent77 Registered User Posts: 21 Junior Member
    I suppose it is what student you talk to. My child is top of the class and VERY frustrated! Has had scheduled appointments with advisors and they are no shows. Zero email replies by departments of the school, very little support when its needed. In fact, some professors seem to not really care much in general. Please note, we are talking a current 3.9 GPA and most has been self taught in her overall opinion. I will quote my child “this place is a mess, I see all these huge tours and I want to just yell this place will make you crazy! Nothing goes smoothly you have to pry your way into everything and most professors arent here to teach they are here to do paid research” . This is coming from a student that is not asking for anything more than a signature so another class can be added and has been sent to multiple people and, no responses and no shows....its been 3 weeks of trying! Still no reply by finaid ....on week 2 of trying to get bill resolved so it can be paid by the deadline. I quote “we apologize we are trying to get incoming freshman taken care of, we are not staffed to handle the new arch kids” this is getting exhausting!
  • CollegeGrad79CollegeGrad79 Registered User Posts: 100 Junior Member
    I am sorry that your child has had to experience this @RPIparent77 It must be extremely frustrating for your child and your family.

    Reminds me of the Tute Screw we used to talk about years ago. "The 'Tute Screw is a metaphorical screw that goes in regardless of the direction of torque applied- in other words, whichever way you turn it. It is used to refer to several ailments that afflict RPI students- namely hard classes, inept administration, expensive cost of attendance, lack of girls, and a whole rogue's gallery of other ____. The truly unique aspect of this screw is that it can never be removed or taken out even a little bit- the longer you stay, the further in the screw goes." (Uncyclopedia)

    Picture: https://archives.rpi.edu/blog/2008/03/04/the-tute-screw/
  • 123France123France Registered User Posts: 77 Junior Member
    @RPIparent77 , your child's experience at RPI is very different from the experience my son had (2017 graduate), I don't know if your post above is only referencing ARCH, but my son didn't have to "self teach", and he valued his professors. He did complain about one professor who had a thick accent and refused to wear a mic during lecture, so it was very difficult to understand her. His advisors were supportive and cared. He had trouble understanding a particular class and met with the professor many times during the semester.

    Again, don't know if your comment is ARCH specific or general. I do hope things smooth out for your child.
  • RegretfulRegretful Registered User Posts: 85 Junior Member
    Although WPi was also an option Lafayette won out in the end.
  • CollegeGrad79CollegeGrad79 Registered User Posts: 100 Junior Member
    So how does mandatory Summer ARCH work for science majors (and others) who want to do (on, or off-campus) summer research, or an REU that summer? Almost all of these positions are only open in the summer, not Spring, or Fall semester. Since top grad schools really like it when an undergrad has several years of summer research and/or an REU, isn't this hurting RPI's undergrads chances at getting into a top graduate program?
  • Spark2018Spark2018 Registered User Posts: 69 Junior Member
    wrote this like 1-2 weeks ago and it did not populate out of my drafts

    @annamom Not going to summarize all I wrote. Best to view in context. Plus @randomdude532 likes to **** me, most recently saying I know nothing. So if you value his posts and commentary, heck, ignore mine. With that said rando pointed me to Reddit which I had not checked in awhile. This was an interesting recent post with strong 1st hand comments both way. If I read the cost part of the post correctly ARCH room and board is less? For those who plan to live on campus all four years I guess it is a 'savings' (for some reason I doubt it).

    Last thought before I drop ... I guess this summer will be the test of ARCH. Will it crash and burn as it scales up to a significant multiple from before, or succeed ? I'm going with succeed as we get over the resistance to change. I don't know if there is really an in between outcome, and honestly hope it either one or the other to end this debate, and take out any uncertainty I have.
  • Spark2018Spark2018 Registered User Posts: 69 Junior Member
    TIP - Apparently did not post as I had a link to reddit. I just removed and boom, posted.
  • blevineblevine Registered User Posts: 880 Member
    My son is a CS major, probably one of the more marketable degrees for coops/internships. RPI name did help him get interviews at the top tech firms but tough to actually get offers. I am sure many will end up working at McDonald's during their semester away and/or taking community college courses.

    That said my son had the traditional pre-ARCH experience and found good summer internships and even an in-semester coop nearby in Albany. He met good classmates who helped each other, and the CS department at RPI is fantastic. He was given the OPTION to be in ARCH, last class it was optional, and he of course declined. He rented an off campus apt, which he'll stay in Junior-Senior years, no need to move until he graduates. My other son (different school) did the summer school move within campus May and again in August, what a pain.

    Overall I have found RPI to be a very good school, Troy not terrible, but not great either. Excellent education IMO,
    but ARCH is just done wrong. If anything, they should give you some financial incentive to go to summer school, discounted tuition and housing to sell those empty seats, and make it optional. Also the away semester should be optional. Graduate early or semester away should be equally valid options. While I am glad my kid went to RPI, I would definitely not send him there now given the ARCH current state.
  • NewSR1NewSR1 Registered User Posts: 84 Junior Member
    "@Ultramarine777 The parent group is on FB and you can only be a member after your son has been committed to RPI."

    This was a big red flag for us when we were deciding between schools. Every other school including small 2000 kid SLAC's had parent groups that welcomed all parents of admitted students. The bigger schools even had admitted parent groups on top of welcoming kids too. The fact that RPI was not welcoming of anyone unless they were actually matriculating with a paid deposit was a negative.

    ARCH was one of her main deciding factors in not choosing RPI, but the admitted student meeting in DC was a train wreck. They couldn't get their slide show to work. They had one dean from the liberal arts school there. Watching paint dry was more exciting than listening to her talk. They didn't separate the kids and parents like most schools do so there was no interactions. Once they finally got the computer to work, it was already an hour in of boring Q&A (mostly about how ARCH will work, some didn't even seem to know about it.) and they went flying thru the presentation and it was over.

    Then, no way to ask other parents of the college what certain things were like on FB, like I could do with all the other schools? Negative all the way around. Too many questions, too many what if's. Not very welcoming and positive.
  • benee16benee16 Registered User Posts: 25 Junior Member
    RPI had been my son's first choice. My husband is an alumni and enjoyed his time at RPI. He has brought my son to many Railroad club operating sessions run on campus, which unfortunately the railroad club was removed from their space due to renovations this year, with no relocation space offered. We became concerned when hearing about the arch. I had tried to get answers to my questions about housing, internships, and the difficulty of having a dual major and class scheduling. The answers were vague, or 'hopeful'. I'm not interested in paying to be the guinea pig. We were not impressed with accepted student day. The exit at the first meeting took longer than the actual speakers. The cold sandwiches given at lunch were left out from the morning for you to pick up in a box, and we got water to drink with it, whoo hoo special, While we were eating and talking to one family a few people started talking to my son about WPI since they were also accepted there, and there was definitely concern over the arch being forced on new students. Being a Computer Science major, we were the last group to leave the hockey arena and were 40 minutes late starting our meeting. The slide show was old and sad compared to other schools we visited and by the time we left there and ate lunch, the only arch meeting they had located across campus, was long done. My son does not want to be forced to take classes during the summer, and looking at the summer courses offered, he wouldn't have much to choose from to fill up a semester. We then went to the game major question and answer session, but again, not much of a presentation. We wandered around campus and ended up leaving around 2. My son ended up accepting to Worcester Polytech. They had a much more organized accepted student day, with multiple presentations for large majors, lab tours, and a hot lunch with multiple beverages and ice cream sundaes.The presenters were passionate about their field, and we even went on an extended lab tour because she wanted to show off everything. We met many students, who talked about their experiences, and in general it felt like the right fit for my son. I wish everyone good luck with wherever their child ends up. I hope their experience is a good one.
  • Spark2018Spark2018 Registered User Posts: 69 Junior Member
    edited April 30
    Doing my best to remain constructive ...

    Congratulations on WPI, it is certainly an excellent institution. We considered it too, and overall liked it.

    It does concern me that a hot meal and sundae had any part of a $200-300k decision. But that is probably just me.

    Personally the best food and presentation at either an open house or accepted students day for us was Fordham. 2nd runner up to Fordham was one of our safety schools. The safety also had one of the best tours and presentations. Certainly an A for advertising and promotion.

    As far as 'force' the students to take summer classes, I prefer to think of it as a requirement, similar to other programs, arguably raising concerns, but imho, on balance with others. The school my other child attends (STEM) has 3 required religion classes; 2 semesters of a foreign language you did not take before, including if you had AP or NYS regents; as well as APs (even 4 & 5s) not counting toward the required math and sciences. While all on our +/- list, four years later, the best decision we ever made. Literally every school we looked at had negatives. I expect the same from our son's experience at RPI.

    Lastly, for those who will stumble on the thread later, a partial re-post from a prior, specifically for the part about Summer offerings being relevant to satisfy the degree:

    As you may know from my prior posts my son is completing his freshman year and RPI is turning out to be everything he expected. Great friends, nice dorm, challenging classes with professors and TAs available to help, clubs and downtown Troy for R&R. Cost as expected, high but typical of north east private school. Food on par with other schools. Branded RPI laptop worked out great. I have reviewed the class offerings, and for CSE/CS (dual major) there are 8 core required classes to choose from plus others that would easily fit in. Go Engineers !
  • RPIchemEsonRPIchemEson Registered User Posts: 31 Junior Member
    That has nothing to do with Arch or any of RPI's policies...the RPI Parent's group is simply a Facebook group moderated by all-volunteer parents of current and enrolled RPI students -- nothing more. It is simply not a wide-open group for anybody that wants to join and talk about RPI is all...
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