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Skype Interview?

GingerTea12GingerTea12 63 replies10 threads Junior Member
I tried to get an on-campus interview back in December, but there were no more available, so I requested an off-campus interview, which I was also unable to get (I am out-of-state and live in a more rural area). Anyway, I took the option to do a Skype interview, because Rice is one of my top choices and I really want to demonstrate interest!!! Is anyone else doing a Skype interview? Any advice on what to expect for an interview in general with Rice? Tips for avoiding tech problems? This will be my first college interview, so any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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Replies to: Skype Interview?

  • sarangooLsarangooL 158 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I can't comment on the Skype part, but I did an off campus interview so I can give you some tips.

    1. You are having a casual conversation. They are not interrogating you.
    2. Be comfortable and relax, your interviewer is trying to help you, not judge you.
    3. Something I did was bring my resume, it helps if you run out of things to talk about!
    4. Show interest and be respectful! Maintain eye contact, let them finish, etc. (I'm sure you know this)
    5. Make sure you don't go off topic, and you answer their question. (I almost had problems with this)

    I think they will always ask the question: "What do you think you can bring to Rice?" Kinda like the essay prompt. So be sure you are prepared to answer this question!

    I practiced with some others before I did the real thing. I also had the added benefit of having an interview for a different school before Rice, so I was a little better prepared in that regard I guess.

    You may want practice before as well, or at least make sure you memorize what you want to say.

    Other than that, just relax and be yourself. This is an opportunity for you to shine and for them to see who the true you is. If you believe you are a good fit for Rice, make sure they know it through your actions and words!!! :)
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  • GingerTea12GingerTea12 63 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Thank you so much @sarangooL ! Your advice is really helpful; I've been really nervous about this, and that definitely makes me feel better :)
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  • anxiousenior1anxiousenior1 1074 replies57 threads Senior Member
    Make sure to get familiar with Skype if you aren't already. Make sure there's going to be little to no background noise, good lighting, etc etc. Impressions matter.
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  • GingerTea12GingerTea12 63 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Thanks @anxiousenior1 , I'm practicing with my sibling to make sure that everything looks good :)
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