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Is Facebook necessary?

theodorecruztheodorecruz 13 replies5 threads New Member
I'm an incoming freshman to Rice and I don't have a Facebook. I've had one years ago but got rid of it soon after. I'm not too keen on creating one again but I'm afraid that it's a central part of socializing in college and I don't want to miss out. Is it worth creating a Facebook now? Is it essential? Thank you!
5 replies
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Replies to: Is Facebook necessary?

  • livinginLAlivinginLA 454 replies3 threads Member
    @theodorecruz I have found that most people your age don't use facebook much. I would think snapchat and instagram accounts are more popular.
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  • SwinterSwinter 1037 replies25 threads Senior Member
    Hi, I'm also an incoming freshman at Rice. I'm part of the Rice 2020 facebook group as well and it's actually pretty active. From what I've heard, college is actually the time when people start getting active on facebook again. It's convenient for clubs and other campus organizations as well as events. I wouldn't say it's a central part of socializing, but what do I know? I'm not even in college yet haha
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  • SrabookwormSrabookworm 108 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Hi, I'm a rising sophomore, and I would say that Rice students do use facebook quite a lot. Each college has a facebook page, and facebook events are very common ways of advertising events. It's also a good way to start connecting with the people you meet and have a way to contact the people in your classes (in case you need help, want to set up a study group, miss class, etc). While it's not essential, I do think it's pretty useful. I know a couple people who don't use it and haven't suffered for lack of it, but I would encourage you to think about creating one and giving it another try.
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  • tropicalslushiestropicalslushies 302 replies95 threads Member
    edited July 2016
    I'm a rising Junior at Rice and I agree with @Srabookworm. I know 1 person at Rice who doesn't have a Facebook account, and he often doesn't hear about events coming up and misses them. That is where a lot of things are advertised. And the point about study groups and class projects is very true. Easily looking up a classmate on Facebook and sending them a quick message is easy, and you don't need to ask them their phone number.
    edited July 2016
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  • redpoodlesredpoodles 2078 replies32 threads Senior Member
    You can have a Facebook page without posting anything on it or even reading anything others post. It can be useful for certain things--my D's school has a "textbook exchange" page and her department has a page where they post news, etc. You can have one where you are in the communication loops you care about without getting sucked in to anything else. But is it absolutely necessary? NO.
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