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chance me @ Rice University

BaikedBeansBaikedBeans 8 replies12 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 20 Junior Member
I'm applying to Rice early decision and I want to know if I should have high hopes or not
I'm an asian male, applying for computer engineering

9th grade (I'm not gonna go too into details)
-mainly As and Bs-

10th grade grades (my worst year):
AP Euro Hist: 1st sem. B ~ 2nd sem. B
AP Calc AB: 1st sem. C ~ 2nd sem. C
Honors Chem: 1st sem. B ~ 2nd sem. B
Honors lit comp 2: 1st sem. B ~ 2nd sem B
Spanish 2: 1st sem. B ~ 2nd sem. B
AP Euro Exam: 4 ~ AP Calc AB Exam: 4 ~ AP World Hist Exam: 3

11th grade grades (my best year):
AP US Hist: 1st sem. A ~ 2nd sem. A
AP Calc BC: 1st sem. A ~ 2nd sem. A
AP Physics 1: 1st sem. A ~ 2nd sem. A
AP Eng Language: 1st sem. A ~ 2nd sem A
Spanish 3: 1st sem. B ~ 2nd sem. B
AP US Hist Exam: 5 ~ AP Calc BC Exam: 5 ~ AP Physics 1 Exam: 4 ~ AP Eng Lang Exam: 4

Cumulative UW GPA is 3.5, Cumulative Weighted GPA is 4.0 (ouch)
Decile rank is 2 (top 20%)

Superscored ACT Score: 35 ~ ACT Writing: 9
SAT Math 2: 780
SAT Physics: 730

Good but not outstanding ECs:
Some 140-ish hours volunteering
Varsity Swim all 4 years
Church Leadership team
Worked part time for a bit junior year
Made websites for 2 small companies/organizations
Vice President of Digital Animations club at school

Additional info:
I think I can land some good letters of rec, but my essays might be a bit meh
I have ADD but even if I talk about it in my essay, I dont think thats gonna really do anything to help my chances

Early Decision is due this Thursday, so this is my last consideration whether or not to go for it or to ditch the idea. Thanks again.
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