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Should I apply to Rice ED or would I be better off applying somewhere else? CS major

IvyBoy123IvyBoy123 14 replies8 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
GPA: 3.8-3.9 I don't have the exact numbers yet

Course Rigor: Did not take the AP Test for all classes but I will have 11 by the end of senior year otherwise all Pre-AP except for required classes. Top 10 public school in the state

ACT:34 E35 M33 R34 S32

Plan on taking SAT Math Subject 2 Test

Race and Gender:Asian/Indian Male

Income: Middle to Upper Class

Residency: Missouri


-Robotics for 4 years: will be Treasurer for Senior Year, on programming team

-Technology Student Association for 2 years: Competed in International Rocketry Challenge and Glider Challenge sponsored by Boeing at Wash U

-NHS 3 years, very little participation

-Viking Leadership Council: 50 students selected across the school to advise Activities director on ways to make the school a better place

-Boeing Explorer Post: Won 1st place out of 4 teams, teams were made up of about 200 people across the STL Bi-State Area, possible Boeing summer internship for the next summer

-Summer Camps: Invited to Leadership in Practice camp at Westminster College in MO; attended Space Exploration camp at Missouri S&T, was the Schematics lead

-3 years of Varsity Tennis, went to Districts 2 times, have 1 1st place medal 3 2nd place medals and 3 3rd place medals for Conference championships

-Volunteer Hours should be at local hospital and pet shelter 100+

-Volunteer at middle school lego robotics club and help with competition design and technical difficulties

-Mu Alpha Theta for 3 years, tutor students on math

Possible hooks: First person in family to attend US college

-Worked as a dishwasher at local restaurant over summer
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Replies to: Should I apply to Rice ED or would I be better off applying somewhere else? CS major

  • awesomepolyglotawesomepolyglot 3849 replies67 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I can't say much with regards to chances, but you should take at least two subject tests--it's recommended that you submit two, which means that it's all but required unless you can't afford the tests.
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  • CalDreaminCalDreamin 51 replies7 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    First gen to go to college is a good hook. Does financial aid matter at all to you? If you search posts from last year here there were a few unhappy surprises regarding final costs regarding aid, the Rice Investment, etc. I would personally not ED unless I was sure I did not want or need to compare packages and options. My D will not ED anywhere because we can't afford to not compare packages. Good luck!
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  • NCKrisNCKris 209 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    @IvyBoy123 You will not be considered "First gen in college" because your parents went to college in another country !.
    To apply as CS major at a selective school, you should have SAT II in Math2, Phy/Chem.
    Your ECs in Robotics etc. are quite good, but try to get your scores up.
    I am not familiar with Rice CS, but before applying ED anywhere, make sure it is for your 1st choice school and would be thrilled to attend AND easily afford.
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  • CalDreaminCalDreamin 51 replies7 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Whoops you are right @NCKris - read that way too fast and just saw first gen, not first gen in the US. My mistake.
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