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Chance Me ED 2024

fiveprimefiveprime 1 replies3 threads New Member
Race: Asian Male
Income: Upper Middle
School: Competitive Public School

UW GPA: 3.96,; 11 AP, 2 Post-AP Classes
36 ACT (35,35,36,36)
Math 2: 800; Chem: 770; Bio M: 760

Club Swim Team (9-12; 15-20 hr/wk)
HS Swim Team (9-12; Captain Senior Year, State Finalist, All-Region)
Private Violin Study and School Chamber Orchestra (9-12; Council Member)
HOSA (10-12; Individual State Finalist)
Tri-M Music Honor Society (11-12, Secretary)

Summer Activities:
Church Camp Counselor
Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

Other Schools I'm Considering for ED: Dartmouth, WashU

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  • ricegradricegrad 47 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Demographics will work against you but even so, you'd have an above-average chance of acceptance. Your test scores and high school GPA are well above the Rice mean and you have solid achievements in your extracurriculars. Good luck!
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  • PrdMomto1PrdMomto1 165 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Where are you from?
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  • fiveprimefiveprime 1 replies3 threads New Member
    Washington State
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  • Houston1021Houston1021 1130 replies17 threadsForum Champion Rice Forum Champion
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    I agree with @ricegrad's assessment. However, with so many people applying, admission at Rice or any of its peers is a crap shoot for everyone. Asians are not an underrepresented minority at Rice. However, being from Washington state should help as Rice does not get as many applicants from there as some other states such as Texas, New York, and California. ED gives you an advantage over RD. Wash U has ED 2 while Rice and Dartmouth do not.

    Rice is very different from Dartmouth. Rice does not have fraternities, while that is a major part of student life at Dartmouth. Dartmouth is located in a rural part of New Hampshire while Rice is in the center of the nation's 4th largest city. Rice has hot weather from May through the first half of October. Dartmouth has mostly cold weather with lots of snow and ice.

    Wash U shares qualities of both schools. It has frats and is located in a decent sized city. St. Louis is a great sports town and has its share of cold and hot weather. The settings of Rice and Wash U are very similar. Both are located in very nice parts of town next to the city's main park and museums. '

    Wash U has scholarships that require a separate application. All applicants to Rice are automatically considered for merit aid. Dartmouth has need based aid only. All 3 are great schools. If all are affordable, fit is the most important thing.
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  • HamurtleHamurtle 2608 replies33 threads Senior Member
    If OP is being recruited for swimming, then very good chances for admittance given the GPA/test scores. Rice and Dartmouth are D1 and WashU is D3. No sports scholarships at Dartmouth/WashU.

    What will be the potential major? If it’s something that is involving pre-med, then Rice and WashU are obvious candidates. Baylor Med is in Houston and WashU Medical School is one of the top medical schools in the country.

    Rice and WashU do share similarities even though Houston is way larger population wise.

    It appears that swimming is the primary EC, followed by music. I don’t see any community service apart from the church volunteering. Unless the OP forgot to list them. Rice and WashU (along with Vanderbilt) are probably less holistic in their application process than an Ivy, but community involvement is important.

    Finally consider whether/where you want to use your ED bullet. You could ED to either Rice or Dartmouth and ED2 WashU.
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  • Sunny66Sunny66 280 replies14 threads Junior Member
    Rice does not have a varsity men's swimming team (they do have a women's team).
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