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Required to submit official scores for all SAT Subject Tests taken?

LdPengu27LdPengu27 0 replies2 threads New Member
I got a bad score on one test but took it again and got a great score. I really don't want to submit the bad score.

On Rice's website, it doesn't explicitly mention anything about submitting all SAT Subject Test scores so I was wondering what the requirement is. It just says they recommend that you take two.

Answers are appreciated!
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Replies to: Required to submit official scores for all SAT Subject Tests taken?

  • evergreen5evergreen5 1557 replies33 threads Senior Member
    If the website doesn't explicitly state such a requirement, then it isn't required.
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  • Houston1021Houston1021 1148 replies18 threadsForum Champion Rice Forum Champion
    edited November 6
    Rice used to require applicants to submit all test scores, but it no longer has this requirement. The website says, "We hope applicants will report all scores knowing that we will recombine the sections to get the best possible set of scores for each candidate." This seems to apply to the SAT or ACT. I don't see a requirement to report all subject test scores from multiple sittings.

    Rice recommends but does not require that applicants submit two SAT subject test scores. These should be in 2 different subjects, depending on which school you are choosing for your application . Send only the better subject test score for the same subject. My daughter took subject tests in 3 subjects and sent the best 2 scores. https://admission.rice.edu/policies/standardized-testing
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