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Does the Presidential Scholarship include the cost of books?

bluewindbluewind 295 replies89 threads Member
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I'm pretty much wondering what the scholarship pays for besides tuition. Like, will choosing a lower meal plan increase your availability to pay for other fees? (I know this question might be too specific or vague, so I'll greatly appreciate any feedback!)

Merry Christmas Eve!
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Replies to: Does the Presidential Scholarship include the cost of books?

  • Lily8476Lily8476 51 replies5 threads Junior Member
    first of all, congrats on presidential! :]

    okay, well don't take my word as law, you should check with the scholarships office just to make sure, but based off of my experience with my older sister last year (presidential scholarship to SAS), i believe that Presidential does not cover books :\ however, there are some very good deals online if you look hard enough :D also, i don't think choosing a lower meal plan makes any difference? if i recall correctly our parents made her choose the largest meal plan because it was free anyway, but i'm not 100% sure that that was from Presidential, it may have been one of her outside scholarships. let me check with her on that and get back to you :] i am pretty sure that housing is all covered. if you're in honors (which i'm assuming you are since you got presidential) then i would definitely recommend taking honors housing in McCormick. it's much much much better than the other dorms, in terms of cleanliness/space/quietness.
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  • rualumrualum 2176 replies52 threads Senior Member
    "Awards are $24,000 per year, and include a $11,500 credit for on-campus housing and dining. For those who choose not to live on campus, the award will be $12,500. Students are guaranteed on-campus housing for four years and admission to the Honors Program."

    This is from the Rutgers website. I am guessing that the figure may vary a bit depending on which school (SAS, Engineering, etc) presents the offer, since there are small price variances between schools.
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