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Placement Tests: What should I do?

Sanosuke SagaraSanosuke Sagara 227 replies45 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 272 Junior Member
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I have placement test coming up on May 6th, and wanted to know if it is better to score high or average. I can probably get a pretty high grade, but I don't want to be sent to some insane calc class I won't have any clue about. Should I purposely get some wrong or something? On that note, how hard exactly is the test?
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Replies to: Placement Tests: What should I do?

  • fallenangelfallenangel 52 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 55 Junior Member
    Lol. I was actually thinking about that myself because my placement test happens to be this Friday, and I personally would rather place into an easy French class than a hard one. I don't know the facts, but my personal opinion is that you should try your best. If you get into really easy classes, you'd be bored out of your mind. More challenging classes may hold your interests. Language is an exception though. I'm still debating on that one...
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  • AbN610AbN610 108 replies34 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 142 Junior Member
    Are any of you guys doing engineering?
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  • supermtt37supermtt37 409 replies10 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 419 Member
    Yea-- you don't want to be placed into anything too easy, it will be boring.

    Anyway, I think that the math test only goes up to precalc-- the highest you can be placed is Calc 1 unless you have AP credit.

    And for french-- when I took it, the test was insanely hard (though i was not much of a francophone.) 3/4 of the room walked out and gave up, i placed into 131 (intermediate french).... yea but I'm not doing that haha forget french.

    Im taking spanish 101 now though.
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