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Dorm Question

skinnyfistsskinnyfists 298 replies17 threads Member
edited May 2006 in Rutgers University
I'm an accepted student who has waited till the last minute to decide on RU. I'm sending my deposit in next week, is there any chance for College Ave? If there isn't, I'd rather not go to RU.
edited May 2006
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Replies to: Dorm Question

  • AbN610AbN610 108 replies34 threads Junior Member
    Are you serious? College Ave. is not even all that great. I think its way overrated. I personally chose Busch over College Ave., as the dorms are MUCH MUCH nicer. In additon, the Busch campus is altogether more peaceful and "sophisticated" in a sense. It is much better, IMO. Busch Campus is actually the best campus at Rutgers. Why wouldn't you want to go there? Plus, RU has buses that can take you from one campus to another.

    Well, hope this helps.
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  • xjocelynx87xjocelynx87 143 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Yeah, Busch is better.....if you're a science geek and don't want to go to any parties or be a part of the bustling college life on College Ave. I got my deposit in on the 4th to be sure that I got College Ave. All in all, I don't think having to dorm on Busch would discourage me from going to Rutgers though.
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  • catrinacatrina 32 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Are the college ave dorms air conditioned?
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  • supermtt37supermtt37 409 replies10 threads Member
    college ave dorms aren't air conditioned (the ones for freshman at least)... actually there is one river dorm that has AC, but i forget which one.

    not sure on busch though, I think that the BAMM dorms dont have AC.. correct me if im wrong.
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  • skinnyfistsskinnyfists 298 replies17 threads Member
    I want a lively college atmosphere. I could have honors dorms at the other school and I really don't have a preference.

    Yet, nobody has answered my question. Do you think I could get College Ave dorms?
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  • AbN610AbN610 108 replies34 threads Junior Member
    Busch dorms are ACed. College Ave. dorms are not. Busch is better.

    You probably can't get College Ave. dorms anymore, but its worth a try.
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  • supermtt37supermtt37 409 replies10 threads Member
    OK, Busch isn't necessarily better if he wants a "lively college atmosphere." I don't know if they're closed out or not-- call up the housing office and ask.
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  • apieceofwireapieceofwire 51 replies24 threads Junior Member
    You won't get to know which housing until mid august? Gr. >.<
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  • darkbluedarkblue 8 replies1 threads New Member
    my friend is waitlisted to get on College Ave and he called RU a few days ago and they told him it was full. i don't know if that applies to you though, what were you acepted into? RC?

    (IMO) College Ave is the place to be at RU...it's soooo much fun!
    however, it depends on what you want. Busch is less urban and just different from college ave.
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  • TetrisMan777TetrisMan777 22 replies0 threads New Member
    It comes down to this.

    At College Avenue you can do most of anything by just leaving your room and walking around.

    At Busch, you have to take a bus just to walk around.

    It may seem trivial, but trust me, it's not. Busch will feel very isolated after a few weeks. That's not to say its worse, but different kids know what they want.
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  • BillDoorBillDoor 6 replies7 threads New Member
    I live on College Ave, and I have to stay that if you want any sense of liveliness, don't dorm on the other campuses.
    The freshman dorms on CA don't have air-conditioning, but some of the non-freshman ones do. [Ill be in Hardenberg next semester, it has AC].
    Lively = College Ave; no competition there.
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  • merudh123merudh123 998 replies66 threads Senior Member
    I'd rather have chill dorm and then go to college ave to take my classes.
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  • BillDoorBillDoor 6 replies7 threads New Member
    You'll be taking classes everywhere, no question there. If you're lucky, you'll get out of taking Douglass/Cook campus classes, but you'll be moving around Livingston/Busch/CA campus on a daily basis.
    College Ave is a lively for three reasons. First of all, it's the center hub and so a lot of the events are hosted there. Secondly, that's where Frat row is, and where a lot of parties happen. Lastly, the _people_ are more lively.
    Since you'll be mostly friends with people from your building/floor, it's a good idea to find active dorm-members if you plan to be active.
    I live in Clothier, which is a big freshman dorm and the people range from a quiet anti-social kid, to some social drinkers, to partying-obsessed people. In this year, in our building, we've... set off the sprinklers, been evacuated in the middle of the night like 4 times, set fire to the bathroom, destroyed a different bathroom, threw a full-sized table out the 8th story window, and habitually throw furniture out the other stories' windows. Destructive? Yeah. Lively? Definetly.
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