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Rutgers NB School of Nursing - Chance Me

ekris02ekris02 3 replies2 threads New Member
edited July 2019 in Rutgers University
Hi, just feeling a little anxious and looking for some input is all (I'm an in-state student, ten minutes away from the NB campus).

GPA Weighted: 97.5

GPA Unweighted: 94.7

SAT: (I just took my first one in June and got an 1160. I'm taking it two more times in August/October and I think I can try and get it up to low 1200s, but I feel like that may be the highest I can get).

- I've taken 12 honors classes (freshman-junior year) and I'll be taking 1 more my senior year, so 13 honors classes in 4 years. I took 1 AP class junior year and I'm taking 2 more senior year, so 3 AP classes total. *I also got a 4 on my AP Lang test.
- Just in terms of relation to nursing, I've taken honors bio/chem/physics, psychology, sociology, and senior year I'll be taking anatomy honors, child development/parenting, and AP environmental science (though I don't exactly know if that's super relevant to nursing).

CLASS RANK: Decile Rank 1 (Top 10%).


- President of a Feminism/Empowerment club for junior/senior year, but I've been an actual member since sophomore year.
- National Honor Society (junior/senior year).
- Member of a Peer Mentorship program/club (junior/senior year).
- Member of the Red Cross club (only freshman year).
- 100+ service hours
- Volunteered at a hospital for 60 hours (the hospital is RWJUH, which has connections with Rutgers NB I believe).

I'd actually really appreciate any tips/advice you guys could give me that would help better my chances, thank you!
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Replies to: Rutgers NB School of Nursing - Chance Me

  • snjDadOfTwosnjDadOfTwo 2 replies0 threads New Member
    My daughter got accepted for this year. At accepted-students-day they had a presentation with a lot of the stats for the incoming class, I can't remember the exact number but the average SAT was in the mid 1300's. We found that most of the nursing programs listed SAT and GPA/Classes as their top criteria during their admissions presentations. So I suspect an SAT in the low 1200's might make Rutgers NB more of a reach school. Good Luck.
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