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Do I have a good chance of getting into Rutgers New Brunswick?

jadelochtejadelochte 2 replies1 threads New Member
I feel like I would, but I'm not positive. I'm a junior in high school right now and I live in New Jersey. I want to major in political science or maybe public policy.

My stats:
-Freshman Year:
-Unweighted GPA: 95.714
-Weighted GPA: 102.443
-Class Rank: 28 of 559 (94.99 percentile)
-5 Honors Classes
-Sophomore Year
-Unweighted GPA: 95.286
-Weighted GPA: 105.286
-Class Rank: 21 of 542 (96.13 percentile)
-5 Honors Classes
-1 AP- US Government (I got a 4)
-Junior Year
-I don't have my GPA or class rank but I've been getting A's and B's.
-1 Honors Class (French IV)
-4 AP Classes: Calculus AB, Chemistry, APUSH, and English Lang and Comp (hopefully I pass)
-I haven't taken the SAT yet, but my PSAT score was 1280.
-Senior Year
-I plan on taking 5 AP classes next year: French, Calc BC, Environmental Science, and Stats
-1 Honors Class (English)

-Key Club in Sophomore Year
-I'm in Key Club this year as well but I don't know if I'll meet the 40 hour requirement because of the corona virus
-I plan on being a Key Club member next year
-AP Chemistry League- member but did not compete
-I have applied to be a senior ambassador (a mentor for freshmen/leadership role)
-I was inducted into the National French Honor Society in sophomore year and I am in it again junior year.
-I will be applying to be in NHS next year.
-I've received the Varsity Scholar award both freshman and sophomore year.

I am concerned that the amount of clubs/awards I have will not be enough.

Do you think that I could get into Rutgers? If yes, do you think I could get into the honors college? Any recommendations on how to improve my chances? I also don't know too much about their political science program so any information on that would be nice. Rutgers is my top choice of schools that I want to go to, but if you have any recommendations of other colleges in the NJ, NY, or PA area that you think I have a chance of getting into and that are somewhat affordable, I would appreciate it. Sorry if this is too much to ask lol.

Thank you,

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Replies to: Do I have a good chance of getting into Rutgers New Brunswick?

  • TictacmissusTictacmissus 137 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited May 7
    SAT scores are a large part of whether you will get into the honors college. Right now I think it's too early to say. If you get a 1500 SAT score then I will say you have a good shot for the honors college academic wise. Your GPA and class ranking is fine. Your ECs are very academic oriented, maybe try different sports to see if you like anything.
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