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SLU vs Marquette PT Program

trevmantrevman 0 replies1 threads New Member
I'm thinking about these two colleges for their 6-year PT programs. I've been reading so many different things on this site about these two colleges, and I know they are very similar. But there were a few things that I couldn't find that could make or break one or the other.

First, I have bad allergies. Is there much of a difference in the two regions for allergies?

Second, I've read a lot of threads that have said that the campus is nice but in a bad part of town. Is it really that bad when you get outside the campus?

Third, I will be on the track and XC team, whether as a walk-on or get recruited. Are there good places outside of campus where I can go on long runs (between 10 and 15 miles) and to bike (around 30 miles), like long bike paths?

Fourth, what are the language requirements to get into and to graduate? Right now, I'm in Spanish III (I'm a sophomore), but I would like to know how many more years I would really have to take. I was planning on going up to Spanish IV, but not taking AP.

And lastly, just their overall programs. What are they like? How do the campuses feel?
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