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How do they notify you?

danny901danny901 163 replies54 threads Junior Member
edited February 2006 in San Diego State University
whats the fastest way of knowing you're accepted?
do they post it up online on your webportal?
or do u have to wait for a letter?

and do they notify rolling or do they announce at a date like march 1st or smth?
edited February 2006
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Replies to: How do they notify you?

  • Grateful_DeadGrateful_Dead 76 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I was notified through that webportal thing a few days ago.
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  • WalnutsWalnuts 24 replies2 threads New Member
    Yes, I just found found out through SDSU Webportal also. I suppose a paper mail is on its way.

    A few other students at my school in San Diego have discovered their admission to SDSU during various times in the past 2 months. Some recieved notification a few weeks after submitting the application, others later.

    I read somewhere that SDSU is working its way down the applicant pool. If that is the case, everybody will learn of their status by April while a percentage of the applicants will learn of it earlier than that deadline.
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  • danny901danny901 163 replies54 threads Junior Member
    my webportal just says:

    We have received your application for admission. We are pleased that you have chosen to apply to San Diego State University for the fall semester.

    mm.. if you guys dont mind, what are your gpa/sat's?
    i am an international so it might be a bit harder for me..
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  • Grateful_DeadGrateful_Dead 76 replies3 threads Junior Member
    i have a 3.57 gpa and an 1190 sat, just average
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  • theripcurl1969theripcurl1969 980 replies120 threads Member
    i got in around dec. 15ish. i sent in my application nov. 15. i had a 4.0 csu gpa. 720math 660w 530r. 720math2c 760french.
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  • TonyLTH12TonyLTH12 680 replies103 threads Member
    isn't the UC and CSU GPA pretty much the same?
    BTW, do they recalculate ur GPA to make sure it's right?
    I heard that the CSU GPA at my school is deflated, so I used the Honors/UC gpa (8 semesters honors capp.-soph and jr. year only).
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  • i<3UCLAi<3UCLA 35 replies16 threads Junior Member
    ugh i hate the UC/SDSU Gpa...3.6...weighted normally, its a 4.2...really annoying.
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  • Mike23Mike23 64 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Did anyone else try to do the intent to enroll? I got to the last step (I did the credit card online payment) and it took me to a page and said "Server Error in '/cashnetb' Application" and a bunch of other stuff. I'm assuming that this is on SDSU's end...
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  • stephv710stephv710 7 replies2 threads New Member
    Did they request transcripts prior to admission? I am hoping to transfer to SDSU. Got the "thanks for applying" message, but no request for transcripts. Other schools have asked. Thanks.
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  • danny901danny901 163 replies54 threads Junior Member
    for me I had to because i'm an international student
    they told me to sent my financial statement, transcripts etc


    thats for us internationals only though, so i cant help you
    i dont know if other people have sent their transcript in or not
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  • smitty946smitty946 59 replies10 threads Junior Member
    i have a 3.33 overall GPA and got a 1760 on the SAT's 630 math, 510, critical. and 620 writing. i found out like 2 weeks ago so if u have around mine u should get in....but i did apply to the engineering school...not sure if that matters
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  • danny901danny901 163 replies54 threads Junior Member
    i guess i wont find out until a long long time.. maybe march or april
    i just got this email:

    This e-mail is a reminder that you are required to send your official documents by March 1st to be considered for admission for the Fall 2006 semester.

    Please send your:

    Official High School Transcript (Grades 9 through first semester of 12th)
    Official TOEFL score

    Please be aware that it may take four to six weeks to process documents after they are received by the Office of Admissions. In addition, it may take up to 8 additional weeks for a decision to be made on your admissions file after your file is complete at the Office of Admissions because of the high number of Fall 2006 applicants.
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  • ambiguouskid1ambiguouskid1 11 replies4 threads New Member
    wait, do they notify you when they want your transcripts mailed in? Or do you automatically mail it in as you apply?
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  • MegadethfanMegadethfan . 164 replies18 threads Junior Member
    i got in with a 3.4 and a 1300 on the SAT, they dont count writing, and im also in state, i think im going there
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