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Should I transfer to UCSD or SDSU?

candy124candy124 0 replies1 threads New Member
I am having trouble deciding where to go right now.

I am currently a community college student earning their associates and was accepted to both UCSD John Muir and SDSU for Fall 2020. I was accepted at both schools as a General Biology major. With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, its been really difficult coming to a conclusion on where I should transfer considering no schools are allowing tours and online learning system. They have virtual tours but it's still hard to picture yourself on the campus.

Here is what I have so far in my opinion on both schools

- Literally minutes from home
- Cheaper tuition
- Done some research and still a very good school but not as competitive at UCSD
- Smaller class ratios and more classroom interaction

- Somewhat close to home ~30 - 40 min
- One of the best schools in the nation
- Very focused on biology
- VERY expensive (and there isn't a lot of money right now considering the pandemic)
- Read that it is very competitive and hard which scares me and doesn't sound like me
- The quarter system which is something new to me and have heard it's very stressful

My current plan after I receive my bachelor's is to go to PA school and become a Physicians Assistant.
I really like both schools but I am very undecided on where to go. I want to know if I were to decided to go to SDSU, would I still be at a competitive or good place for PA school? Is SDSU also a good school for people looking to go into the medical field? I also want to go to UCSD but the financial situation right now is very confusing and the competitive environment there doesn't sound like me. But I would love to hear experiences of both UCSD and SDSU in Biology Major.

Thank you!
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