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Fall 2021 Transfer Admissions for SDSU

Bre_CarreonBre_Carreon 2 replies1 threads New Member
Hi guys, it doesn't look like one has been started yet so I guess I'll start this out. Post your stats, admission decision (eventually) and your questions :)

Degree: ADT, business admin
GPA: 3.44
Golden 4: completed
Local: no, but transferring from san diego mesa
Major: Business admin (marketing)

Wrapping up my application now for SDSU and San Marcos! Good luck everyone!
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Replies to: Fall 2021 Transfer Admissions for SDSU

  • makeupyourmindmakeupyourmind 39 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for starting this tread!

    Degree: ADT, business admin
    GPA: 3.84
    Golden 4: completed
    Local: no, orange county.
    Major: Business admin

    I applied for fall 2020 and was denied. I applied for spring 2021 and I am awaiting a decision. I will submit my fall 2021 application too- third times a charm?? I

    Good luck to all applicants!!
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  • GracefffaceGraceffface 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Hello !
    Did you find out why you were denied ? Your stats seem pretty competitive !
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  • makeupyourmindmakeupyourmind 39 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hi @Graceffface
    I applied for FalI 2020 as a marketing major. At that time, I did not have my ADT and my GPA was 3.56. I had the major prep courses completed for an ADT, but I did not realize I needed more major preps for the very impacted major. I applied for Spring 2021 for the same major but was denied with a 3.72 GPA. I still had one class outstanding for major prep. For Fall 2021, my third try, I have all my major prep classes completed, my ADT completed, with the GPA bump to 3.84. If I don't get in this time, I have given it my all, and I have to assume it was not meant to be. I was warned by my CC counselor that SDSU is a very tough transfer for business administration majors, but it is my #1 choice, so its worth a third shot...
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  • Bre_CarreonBre_Carreon 2 replies1 threads New Member
    edited November 17
    There isn't a transfer pathway for ADT to marketing (unfortunately), only for business admin. So you're saying that this time around, you applied with your ADT to business admin- for the first time out of your attempts right? That makes me feel a little better because at first I was like woah.. how did they not get in?! I feel like you'll have a way better chance now. I know priority is first given to locals, then to ADT applicants, then to the rest of everyone else.
    edited November 17
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