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Housing @ SDSU

malagamba2kmalagamba2k 34 replies5 threads Junior Member
edited December 2012 in San Diego State University
I applied to SDSU and I was wondering whats the approx % of students living on campus. From what i've seen on their website, it seems that a good number of students live there. Does anybody have any info on that? thanks.....
edited December 2012
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Replies to: Housing @ SDSU

  • klugekluge 6447 replies111 threads Senior Member
    There's about 3,000 student living on campus, and about another 3,000 living in the immediate surrounding artea (within 1 mile.)
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  • malagamba2kmalagamba2k 34 replies5 threads Junior Member
    thanks for repying Kluge, do you go there?
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  • pixiedanzerpixiedanzer 722 replies48 threads Member
    yeah i guess it mainly is a commuter campus, but i'm glad it has a decent number of people living ON campus because I would have to if I choose to go.
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  • klugekluge 6447 replies111 threads Senior Member
    I'm a Dad. My son is a freshman there, living in a dorm. Loves it. 6,000 students on or near campus makes for a pretty good "college town" feeling.
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  • GratefulDebGratefulDeb 33 replies3 threads Junior Member
    My daughter has applied to SDSU as an out of state student for fall of 2008. I pray every single night that she gets in. We are moving from New Jersey to San Diego so she can go to that school. I won't sleep until that acceptance letter comes. Anybody get accepted from out of state?
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  • fa-la-la-lenafa-la-la-lena 2790 replies54 threads Senior Member
    they don't really send in acceptances (for oos'ers, anyways) until at least March, from what I know.
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  • CaliGuy07CaliGuy07 406 replies13 threads Member
    i received my acceptance in january, but i was overqualified. i am sure for those boredline and out of state, it might be more competitive and take a while for them to decide.
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  • codyz15codyz15 55 replies23 threads Junior Member
    malagamba2k I was wondering what your gpa and sat critical reading and math scores are. I just applied to sdsu too. good luck.
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  • SoCal18SoCal18 1331 replies343 threads Senior Member

    which dorm do you recommend. my friend who goes there said to choose cuic or zura.

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  • CaliGuy07CaliGuy07 406 replies13 threads Member
    personally, i would choose chappy or cuic. chappy is new and traditional dorms where are cuic is a suite so if you like to interact with more people choose a dorm, but if you like to get a close bond, choose the suite.

    people always say zura, tenocha is very social but i found that all dorms are very social and depends on the floor your in. i just find it unappealing because they are a bit older and things tend to break more easily and be a big inconvenience. such as heater/ac problems, elevators, bathrooms, etc

    i lived in zura, it was fun. it was loud at times during odd hours and disgusting mainly because our staff didn't clean up very well. things got broken and some of my floormates lived like pigs.
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  • any1canany1can 523 replies7 threads Member
    My D lives in a double in the LLC at Maya and she loves it. She wasn't sure she was going to like. She has a great floor and she has made many friends. The thing about the LLC is that most of the kids share at least 2 classes so they have study groups which allowed her to meet other people fairly quickly. Maya-Olmeca has all new furniture (plenty of storage) and the bathrooms have all been redone this year. No probs with heat or air. Wireless internet has worked great! No problems there. Plenty of space in her double room vs a triple in Cuic or Chappy. It just depends on the feel you want. Maya dorms have one brick wall which gives them a little character. Each roommate has a large bulletin board on their side of the wall. They are farily strict with the rules and several people have already been kicked out for drinking violations. I don't know how it is in the other dorms. Cali Guy can probaly add to this, I mean you might know what goes on in the other dorms and their strictness. Good luck, as an alum of SDSU, it is a great school and a lot of fun! As a parent, if you want a great education, you can deifinitey get it too! Good luck to all of you....
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  • CaliGuy07CaliGuy07 406 replies13 threads Member
    wireless can be slow at times when everyone is online at once but overall the tech team has been wonderful setting my internet up. c

    happy does not have triples from what i remember. but i like their dorms a lot, plus its all connected where as zura has 3 seperate buildings for housing and cuic has 2 with a cafeteria in the middle. (so basically you go inside, outside, and inside again into your room)

    another thing i notice, its that chappy dorms have concrete walls so noise sound not be that big of an issue. my only dislike for chappy is that it is isolated from all other dorms. but its a close walk if you have class on that side, gym, and frat row.

    on the strictness policy, i found most ra's and front desk workers to be really nice. just get along with them and be their friends and they won't hassle you. the llc is more strict than other dorms i've been too. but in the end, it depends on the personality of the ra and front desk, sometimes they are just snotty people that follow by strict guidelines plus more.

    i do agree that sdsu is a great school. at first i really found my teachers to be useless but they are really helpful if you put in the effort. you have to make the first step.
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  • appicant1972appicant1972 3 replies1 threads New Member
    can you request a single dorm or a specific roommate (friend from high school might go with me)?
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  • internatstudentinternatstudent 6 replies1 threads New Member
    Hi, I'm a student form the Netherlands and going to attend SDSU for one semester fall 2013. I'm looking at the housing opportunities and decided to apply for on-campus apartments. I can chose between Fraternity row, Piedra del *** and the Sanctuary Apartments. They provide floor plans and pictures but that doesn’t really help. Can someone provide me with information about these apartments? Like is it noisy at night when you live in the fratrow apartments?
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