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Eop: Should Fill The Application Out ?

EL_TACO_GRANDEEL_TACO_GRANDE 447 replies45 threads Member
edited December 2007 in San Diego State University
Heys guys after i sent my App. to SDSU out it took me to the EOP page which is suppose to be for "esigned to improve access and retention of historically low-income and educationally disadvantaged students." However, i dont want be labeled as a "EOP STUDENT" ,but merely a student like any other. So the question is why should i apply for EOP.
edited December 2007
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Replies to: Eop: Should Fill The Application Out ?

  • CaliGuy07CaliGuy07 406 replies13 threads Member
    i was in your situation as well. i did not want to be label as a disadvantage student but i signed up for it anyways.

    when i went to the eop meetings, everyone was the same. they didn't look poor, most are really smart and educated along with motivated to succeed in school. some even came in luxury cars.

    i greatly appreciate eop services because you get a counselor that sticks with you throughout college. trust me, this really helps because the regular academic advisors will tell you different things each time and don't really care for your education. in fact, most of sdsu staff and faculty is like this.

    another great thing is that you are eligible for a grant which is good, who would not want free money. also, you get free tutoring which really helps out when you don't understand a subject. it's hard to try and meet with others or professors to make you understand the material, tutors are very excellent option.

    no one would even know your in eop, all you have to do is maintain good grades and see your counselor twice a semester. i've stop by to talk to mine dozens of times already this semester.
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  • EL_TACO_GRANDEEL_TACO_GRANDE 447 replies45 threads Member
    Thanks alot, I guess i'll be filling out the application. So how are the tutors becuase im really really really bad at math. Will they be patient ? And how many courses does one have to take at SDSU
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  • CaliGuy07CaliGuy07 406 replies13 threads Member
    their are several tutors for each subject. i schedule a session with everyone of them and then see who is the most helpful and i stick with them throughout the semester. either way, all tutors are patient, they take courses on how to be an effective tutor.

    depending on your major, you will have to take at least one math course for your general education. but some majors require more math. it can range from taking stats, algebra, calculus, etc
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