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kbeeZkbeeZ 3 replies7 threads New Member
I have worked really hard all through high school (7 AP classes and other honors classes) and feel like the state system is not good enough for the work I have done these past 4 years.

Here are my thoughts:

-love the campus
-worried i won't be able to focus with location/party lifestyle
-don't have many options for my major(s)
-closest to home

-love the location
-like that it is private
-worried it will be too much religion for me (i am not religious)

-like the broad range of majors
-love the location
-admire the school spirt
-too many people?
-worked too hard through high school to go to a state?

-worked to hard through high school to go to a state?
-love the chill campus
-GREAT kinesiology program
-not so good location

have any advice for me?
ANY advice would be appreciated!
thanks :]
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Replies to: SDSU vs USD vs UCSB vs CSULB

  • sd momsd mom 4 replies0 threads New Member
    besides loving SD

    * ucsd just admitted almost 20,000 new students for next year...might think about that if you are concerned about size

    *USD is very nice....VERY small ...very expensive and there is not a lot of diversity...limited majors

    * do not sell csu schools short, it depends on the campus. much harder to get into sdsu then say many of the newer and smaller uc schools. Many of sdsus programs are rated as high or higher than those same programs at uc schools depending on major/campus.

    * I have more info on the sdsu denied thread....you can read there if interested

    * you will enjoy any of the above though ;-)
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  • akarandomxheroakarandomxhero 4 replies0 threads New Member
    What do you want to major in?

    First you have to dismiss the notion that state schools are inferior. I'm not saying SDSU is as good as UCD or UCSB, because let's face it it's a cheaper school, but I'm a business major at SDSU and it's a MUCH smarter decision if you're looking to save some money and still get a good education.
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