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SDSU vs U of Rochester

SoCal6SoCal6 5 replies1 threads New Member
edited April 2008 in San Diego State University
So I've limited my choices down to two schools, the funny thing is, they are polar opposites. I have a week to decide.
I plan on majoring in some field of engineering and minoring in business administration.

My stats:
GPA 3.5467 weighted/3.45 unweighted
# AP/honors taken: 3 AP's, 3 Honors
rank/%: 27.1%, 213/786
1620 SAT, 710 Math, 470 Verbal
1390 SAT II, 710 Math2, 680 Chemistry

SDSU Pro's:
has a business program
has an engineering program
distance/summer research
out of pocket $18,734 per year
I'll be above average academically

SDSU Con's:
not highly ranked
large party school

UR Pro's:
highly ranked
good sized
nice campus

UR Con's:
no business program
I'll be below average academically
out of pocket $28,460 a year

I have one week to decide what school I will be attending, which one would be best the best decision? I'm sure there are more pro's and con's of each, throw some in if I haven't mentioned it.
edited April 2008
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Replies to: SDSU vs U of Rochester

  • drzhivagodrzhivago 78 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Perhaps with their open curriculum they will let you take courses in the
    William E Simon School of Business ... you have a great opportunity to go to a highly ranked school. I think the weather might be your biggest challenge but lots of kids adjust. Good luck!
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  • Aztec09Aztec09 273 replies25 threads Junior Member

    America's Finest City.
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  • vonlostvonlost 19321 replies15927 threads Super Moderator
    SDSU Pro's:
    I'll be above average academically

    UR Con's:
    I'll be below average academically
    Aren't these backwards? Isn't it better to be below the average and let the influence of those above you pull you up? When you go to study groups with your classmates they'll be able to raise you to a higher level. What good does it do you if you're at the highest level?
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  • Aztec09Aztec09 273 replies25 threads Junior Member
    I left SDSU because I was above average acadmicallly...but the business school is good and the other things SD and SDSU have make up for it.
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  • SoCal6SoCal6 5 replies1 threads New Member
    I was actually thinking about putting "above/below average" on both pro's and con's. I've been thinking some more about the advantages of going to SDSU, the cheaper education will be way more convenient for attending grad school after a few years of experience after my BS.

    I want to attend University of Rochester because of the academics and campus but the engineering programs are not exactly the ones I am interested in, so do I sacrifice a great education with better opportunities for something I'd rather do. Also, engineering is the largest change major in college, so if I do end up changing majors, there is no business (accounting) major.

    I figure that in the end, what ever grad school I go to will do better things for me than whatever undergrad education I end up receiving. If I do attend SDSU and go into engineering and stick with it I would plan on transferring to Cal Poly SLO, if I do not get in then so be it, I tried.

    Again Rochester is a great school and I don't want to regret passing this opportunity by.
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  • Aztec09Aztec09 273 replies25 threads Junior Member
    man- I am a firm believer that Rochester and SDSU dont mean anything. It's what you do at those schools and if you have fun. If you do well at either school you can get into good grad schools. Don't pick a college, sacraficing what you want to do....thats the opposite of what you should do. Go where you want to go, where you will fit in the best, and naturally you will excel there...
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  • SoCal6SoCal6 5 replies1 threads New Member
    Aztec09, I agree with you 100%, I believe your school is only as good as you make it, and if you perceive through it, your opportunities will be there. Great way to look at it, thanks.
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