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Please Chance Me - & Guide Me

LSkaiWalkLSkaiWalk 584 replies203 threads Member
I am not currently a senior, so lots of this stuff will be guesses, but will give roughly where I will be at my senior year. I am currently a sophomore & graduating in the year 2010. Would it be easier / harder to make it during this year?

Upper Middle - Class White Guy, Southern California - Very Good Public School

UC GPA: 3.35ish

Upward Trend In Grades

SAT: PSAT (As A Sophomore): 176 - So I am guessing with some prep and a course I can get it around 1900s.

AP's & Honors: 6 Honors (Only 2 are UC weighted honors) & 2-3 APs completed by end of high school.

SAT II: Guessing Good US History - Average Math 2C
Do I need SAT II for SDSU?

ECs: 1 Year Frosh BBall - 2 Years JV Tennis - 2 Years Varsity Tennis
Church Stuff
Ultimate Frisbee
Much more...

Volunteering: Probably around 80 hours - Mission trip to Dominican Republic to build house gave me 40 hours. Volunteer at Boys & Girls Club (day care for underprivileged children) game me 30 hours.

Well, lots of that is a guess. That's where I will roughly be.

Tentatively, I plan to major in business.

What are my chances? Remember I will graduate in two years. How will that change?

Also, how could I improve my chances, as I am only a sophomore right now. What are big admission factors?
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Replies to: Please Chance Me - & Guide Me

  • Adultparentmom!Adultparentmom! 247 replies3 threads Junior Member
    San Diego State University is one of THE most popular Cal States. I can pretty safely say that a UC GPA of 3.35ish will not cut it. Get your GPA up, way up. Some of my daughter's friends applied this year and were rejected with much higher GPAs. SAT/GPAs are what count here. You have a whole year to get your grades up and study like crazy for your SATs.
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  • Cali TrumpetCali Trumpet 1577 replies30 threads Senior Member
    SDSU does not care about anything but GPA and SAT reading/math. They don't look at your writing score, they don't look at leadership during high school.. its all about numbers so your numbers need to be higher than everyone elses. There is no wiggle room like there is in the UCs. Look at some UCs as well as SDSU. You may find you like them better anyways.

    On the other hand I think you can get into SDSU with those stats, this year was just tricky because so many people were graduating. Though, there are rumors of low acceptances next year because of budget cuts.
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  • akarandomxheroakarandomxhero 4 replies0 threads New Member
    I go to SDSU, and you're right
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