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Can I make it into San Diego State University

wanmowerwanmower 0 replies3 threads New Member
Can I make it into San Diego State University? Im an instate applicant, but out of service area.
My eligiblity index is 3372 (2.9 GPA & 1010 CR + Math)

what are my chances?

also, what about other CSUs. Mostly San Jose Sate, CSU Sacramento, Sonoma State, CSU Fresno, and Humboldt?

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Replies to: Can I make it into San Diego State University

  • naixn92naixn92 509 replies13 threads Member
    GPA is on the low side, it might hurt you. Average SAT scores though. I would say a low reach.

    SJSU -high match
    CSU Sacramento - match
    Sonoma State - match
    CSU Fresno - high match, maybe low reach
    Humboldt - match, probably in.

    if you leave near any of these schools, you might have a higher chance for like sjsu.
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  • hi_im_leilahi_im_leila 1981 replies43 threads Senior Member
    SDSU is getting harder to get into every year, and since you're out of their service area with an OK gpa/SAT score, I'd call it a reach.

    You should have better luck at the other CSUs you mentioned, however. I think you'd be able to get into most of them.
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  • mistariapottermistariapotter 66 replies5 threads Junior Member
    chance me too <3
    civil engineering
    sat 1950 (cr+ math =1300)
    gpa 3.7

    and cal poly
    arch engine
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  • naixn92naixn92 509 replies13 threads Member
    mistariapotter, we have the same major! i didnt know that. haha.

    you'll get in SDSU.
    hope we'll both get in cal poly though!

    good luck!

    ps: architecture acceptance started today. check your calpoly!
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  • mistariapottermistariapotter 66 replies5 threads Junior Member
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  • naixn92naixn92 509 replies13 threads Member
    nah, i have civil engineering. i think we talked once on the cal poly thread after we got both deferred from ED. lol. yeah good luck to you though!
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  • ChandlerBing92ChandlerBing92 153 replies3 threads Junior Member
    SDSU's a reach, I got rejected with 520M/610CR (1130) and 3.6 weighted GPA. It's a pretty tough schools to get into. You'll probably get into the rest of the CSU's you mentioned though (: SD, Cal Poly SLO and LB are the really tough ones.
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  • mattrice92mattrice92 62 replies4 threads Junior Member
    It could happen, but I got rejected with a 1220 SAT and 3.5 CSU GPA. Those somehow got me into Cal Poly SLO, though, so it's cool.
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  • ShibykinShibykin 796 replies13 threads Member
    That's weird mattrice. I got in with a 3.4 CSU GPA and 1390 SAT I *old one <.<* Business Admin/Marketing. Ehh well I forgot I applied here but happy I got in :). *shows how much I care for certain schools <.<*
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