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What are my chances of getting into SDSU?

footballfeldeyfootballfeldey 169 replies50 threads Junior Member
Junior from Arizona (Phoenix area)

Current unweighted GPA: 3.3
Current weighted GPA: 3.8
By the time I graduate, I will have taken 7 AP courses and 6 honors courses.
My school doesn't rank. Or maybe they just don't tell us until senior year.
First Generation College Student
Multiracial (Hispanic/White)

Test Scores:
Just took my SAT today, but on the practice I got about 1880. I took a prep course so I'm hoping for 2000.
I'm also taking my ACT in February. I got a 29 on the practice, I'm hoping for a 30.

Religious Extracurriculars:
Junior year-President of Temple Chai Temple Youth (TCTY, a Jewish youth group)
Sophomore Year-Programming Vice President of TCTY
Senior year-I will most likely be Regional President of the Southwest Region of the National Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY-SW, a large affiliation made up of Jewish youth groups like TCTY from Arizona, Las Vegas, New Mexico, and Texas)
All years-Hebrew High School Student (attend two hours of class every week on topics such as Israel, the Holocaust, etc. Students who complete Hebrew High School receive a special diploma upon graduation)
Six years of Jewish summer camp, including two summers of LTP (Leadership Training Program)
Sophomore year-Youth Endowment Board (the board is given a sum of money and is in charge of determing which charities to distribute the money to)

Athletic Extracurriculars:
Four years of school softball (1 year Freshman, 2 years JV, 1 year Varsity)
Three years of club softball
One year of school basketball

Musical Extracurriculars:
Piano lessons for 10 years
Taught myself guitar (I am also a songleader in NFTY-SW)

Work Experience:
Temple Chai (Tutor, Administrative Assistant) September 2006-May 2007, July 2009-October 2009 (seasonal position)
Safeway (Grocery Store, Courtesy Clerk) June 2007-August 2008
Starbucks (Barista) June 2009-October 2009 (going back to work after this semester and planning to work all senior year)
Camp Charles Pearlstein (Camp Counselor) June 2010-August 2010

School Clubs/Societies:
National Honors Society-Junior/Senior
Society of Women's Scholars-Junior/Senior
Spanish Honorary Club-Sophomore/Junior/Senior
(may run for an officer of one or two of these clubs for senior year)
65 Roses Club (Cystic Fibrosis)-All years
Founder of Camp Swift Club (explained below)

Community Service:
Camp Swift (about 1500 hours)-Camp Swift is a summer camp for underprivileged inner-city children from the Phoenix area. The camp is planned and run by Jewish teenagers who volunteer their time not only during the summer, but throughout the year to plan camp and raise money. (These hours include 12 sessions of camp plus planning and fundraising throughout all four years)
I have participated in other community service projects including playing the piano for retirement home residents, assembling toiletry baskets for Hurricane Katrina victims, volunteering at food banks and homeless shelters, and American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. These other activities add up to roughly 200 hours total.

Other Important (or maybe not important?) Factors:
-I will be paying for my own college/graduate school
-My cousin is my legal guardian. My mother died when I was seven and I don't know who my father is. I'm hoping I can use my experiences to write some compelling essays. Also, if you know of any scholarships for adopted, single-parent children, etc., that would be great!

I'd like to go to medical school eventually, but I don't know if I necessarily want to major in science. Maybe kinesiology.

I know this was really long. Thanks so much for your input!
edited March 2010
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Replies to: What are my chances of getting into SDSU?

  • akadavidsmomakadavidsmom 139 replies23 threads Junior Member
    Yes, everything looks really good. I think you have a great shot. Good luck on your tests!
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  • footballfeldeyfootballfeldey 169 replies50 threads Junior Member
    update: 28 ACT, 1870 SAT (610 CR, 610 Math, 650 Writing)
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  • ChandlerBing92ChandlerBing92 153 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I think you have a really good chance of getting in, it's probably a target school for you. I got rejected with 3.6 W GPA and 610CR/520M SAT score and 13 AP/honors classes throughout high school. They actually don't care about extracurriculars and that stuff lol it's really just your GPA, SAT/ACT and schedule. I'm actually not too bummed cause i expected to get rejected from the beginning and i only applied cause my parents made me lol but i got into my second choice so if my first choice doesn't work out i won't be depressed haha. good luck!
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  • footballfeldeyfootballfeldey 169 replies50 threads Junior Member
    thanks so much! good luck :) what was your second choice, just curious?
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  • akadavidsmomakadavidsmom 139 replies23 threads Junior Member
    ^My son was accepted yesterday.

    Gpa: 3.55

    ACT: 28

    Mechanical Engineering.
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  • ChandlerBing92ChandlerBing92 153 replies3 threads Junior Member
    no problem! lol thanks, my second choice is SJSU which i kind of figured i'd get into since i've never heard of anyone getting rejected from there and my first choice is CSULB which i'm pretty much planning on getting rejected by since they got even more applicants than SDSU but it's ok i accpeted it lol. it sucks that they don't count the writing section cause i got 660 on that haha but i think that's usually the easy section for most people. i hope you get your acceptance soon!!
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  • footballfeldeyfootballfeldey 169 replies50 threads Junior Member
    i hope you have an amazing time next year! :)
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  • ChandlerBing92ChandlerBing92 153 replies3 threads Junior Member
    thanks! have a good rest of high school lol i forgot you're a junior. Don't stress too much or do the asian thing and take 4 AP classes your last year of high school, the anxiety is just soo not worth it unless you can really handle all of it. good luck (:
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