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help me before oct 8!!!

glittergirl17glittergirl17 7 replies14 threads New Member
hey - i've got a problem i need desperately to solve before next weekend's sat. my SINGLE largest score dropper is careless errors in the math section. after i take my practice tests, i'll review my incorrect answers and almost every single one i got wrong i SHOULD have gotten RIGHT. i knew how to do the math, the strategies, etc, but i made a error somewhere, gridded it in wrong, was reading 42 instead of 46 etc etc etc. i really need to improve my score a little bit. i'm blowing a good 50+ points to careless errors.

HELP ME!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!
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Replies to: help me before oct 8!!!

  • maryjanemaryjane 41 replies4 threads Junior Member
    You need to relax, and slow down. Most careless mistakes I would attribute to going way too fast.
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  • maryjanemaryjane 41 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Once you learn how to CORRECTLY answer the problems, THEN you can work on your speed.
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  • SenorSenor 158 replies1 threads Junior Member
    TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!!!
    BE HUMBLE! - Write every step out...you're not trying to impress anyone. Do even baby math on paper.
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  • synsyn 272 replies17 threads Junior Member
    As far as gridding in goes, a "trick" is to say mentally, when copying over the answers to your answer sheet, "13, C," or "16, A" etc... You get the number from the booklet itself and then transfer it over. Don't just grid in the answer into the next available space. This makes errors less likely and makes it easier to skip questions (but you should still make a big, noticeable mark somewhere in the booklet to tell you to go back to it).

    Also, with math, make sure that you know absolutely what they're asking for. Ask yourself what you're looking for. Then find it. Don't assume anything.
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