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PLEASE help me with these AP Chemistry problems!

RubberBandmanRubberBandman 43 replies15 threads Junior Member
1.) A diluted solution of HCl is prepared by adding 50.00mL of a 12 M(molarity) HCl solution to water and diluting it to 278mL; what is the molarity of the stock solution?

2.)If you were to mix 60.0mL of a 1.00 M(molarity) silver nitrate solution with 250ml of 0.80 M sodium chloride, what mass of silver chloride should you form?

Thank you
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Replies to: PLEASE help me with these AP Chemistry problems!

  • lildezikobe836lildezikobe836 60 replies13 threads Junior Member
    I don't have my calculator on me but I'll walk you through the problems.

    1) Molarity x Volume = Molarity x Volume

    So plugging in:

    (12)(50) = (x)(278)

    Solve for x.

    2) Write an equation:

    AgNO3 + NaCl = AgCl + NaNO3

    Find the moles of each reactant by using:

    Molarity: Moles/Liters

    So for silver nitrate, you would do: .8 = x/.250

    Then find the limiting reagant and figure out how many moles of AgCl are formed through stoiciometry. Then convert that to grams.
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