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SAT I Writing Critical Reading

red06red06 1431 replies101 threads Senior Member
I havent had any experience with grammatix. Ive mostly stuck with Kaplan and Princeton Review, and the Official Study Guide. I'd like to raise my score in writing and critical reading. What's everyones experience with Grammatix? Does it help in the sentence corrections? two passage comparison sections? essay writing?

On another note, Im having trouble brainstorming during the alloted time enough examples that I can really write about. Im just a "several hours to write a good essay" type of person. Anyone have any pointers or ideas?

Thanks for your posts people !
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Replies to: SAT I Writing Critical Reading

  • nbachris2788nbachris2788 4184 replies263 threads Senior Member
    For the essay, pre-prepare examples that you can use as a last resort, a sort of "umbrella event X" in history or something. Perhaps not being Eurocentric will help your essay stand out from the myriad of Christopher Columbus and Isaac Newton essays that are bound to be written. Then again, I did very well with my Americentric essay...

    For the writing, the grammatical errors are very redundant. By persistent practice, you'll be able to become an expert. Make sure you realize what your mistakes are, instead of just marking it wrong and moving on.
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  • banedon17banedon17 2441 replies115 threads Senior Member
    i'll share one tip that worked for me. in the essay, start wrting the moment the proctor says you may begin. form the (i don't know what you call it, but it's where you list down your ideas one by one) in your head as you write.

    When I first took the SAT II Writing, i did the planning on paper. i couldn't finish the essay and got a lousy 650. when i re-took, i got a 750.
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  • LakshmiLakshmi 1186 replies27 threads Senior Member
    I am also the sort of person that writes immediately after the test beginns....it seems to me like I do better(and write more) when I just don't try to brainstorm....just write wathever comes into my mind...and usually I can think of more examples this way. imo each one has too find out whatever works best for him.
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