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Post your test day tips you wont find in a book....


Replies to: Post your test day tips you wont find in a book....

  • red06red06 Registered User Posts: 1,532 Senior Member
    if you think the proctor moaning and groaning during the test is annoying.......try an old lady proctor using a kitchen timer to keep track of time......imagine.....tick.....tock......tick......tock

    lol, thats what i had to go through. i didnt want to confront the old lady, because she was nice. but at the same time the timer was driving me insane so during the first break, i talked to her.
  • blythe89blythe89 Registered User Posts: 776 Member
    At my school, we have to sit in these old wooden chairs and our desks are tiny wooden boards that aren't even a foot long. The board just sits on the wooden arm chairs. And if you try to move...I accidentally hit the edge of the board while I was waiting for the reading section to end and it flew in the air and made a big noise. And we take the test in a big auditorium so the floor is slanted, so my pencils rolled all the way down to the front row (I was in row 26)...everyone was staring at me and I couldn't concentrate after that...it was horrible..

    And were not allowed to eat or drink in there...so I nearly passed out from dehydration...I hate tests!
  • oppressedartistoppressedartist Registered User Posts: 10 New Member
    Turn on some Skinemax the night before the test and...

    well, improbably not allowed to say but it starts with an m and ends with an e

    Believe me, it works
  • NoFXNoFX Registered User Posts: 3,784 Senior Member
    I took my exam in this fancy private school and their exam room is like a university lecture room - bench type of tables and seats (like from the movie theatres- where you push down the seat down because the spring folds it up..)
    And I went in late, and I got the furthest row - the highest row. And I did not knw I had a slight fear of heights.. Yeah and so I kept staring at the bottom floor part and I slightly had a panic attack..
    And sitting back sux because when I was writing my essay, I kept on looking at everyone's paper in front (as they were kinda underneath me), to see how much they have written. And this guy in front of me had HEAPS of dandruff and I remember just staring at his white dots on his hair for like 50 sec straight, wasting my precious time..
  • elisaelisa Registered User Posts: 435 Member
    I use ear plugs for the test because I hate noises ! I think a strong mint is a good idea because it kind of wakes you up if you are dull in the middle of the test !
  • smartmindsmartmind Registered User Posts: 2,873 Senior Member
    that was sure of a horrible experiance ..but i must say man, this thread is DAMN INTERESTING.....
  • merudh123merudh123 Registered User Posts: 1,064 Senior Member
    admin please sticky this thread - its worthy

    anyway my tips in addition to all these is to figure out which test center to go to.

    From my experience, I feel that if you go to a school where the socioeconomic factors are not that high, you tend to do better (that is if you know what you are doing)...for some reason going to a school where there are too many smart kids to take the test...feels a bit intimidating lol I know this sounds pretty arrogant, but hey it worked for me. I went from a 610 to an 800 in one month...and I feel its because of the relaxed environment of the test center I was in....

    ...not as many smart indian/chinese people in the room ahha
  • gameguy88gameguy88 . Posts: 219 Junior Member
    I have no clue what im going to do for the essay-none at all.

    My math wont improve so I guess 650 would have to suffice.
    CR will only go down so I guess 560 will have to suffice.
    Writing- if I miss 3 or 4 and get lucky on the essay (9) i might get 700.

    Other than that, dont know what to say.:(
  • HiWeiHiWei Registered User Posts: 2,032 Senior Member
    Red Bull + Propel. Got me through the marathon that is the New SAT.

  • HImomHImom Registered User Posts: 32,683 Senior Member
    Our kids' HS feels there is a "home school" advantage if you can take the test where you go to school because you're more comfortable there & know your way to the proper classroom, where the bathrooms are, etc. I guess for merudh that's not a factor. My kids have done about the same regardless of where the test center is.
  • parikhsparikhs Registered User Posts: 1,607 Senior Member
    Just took a test downing Redbull during the 1st section and popping altoids throughout...went from a 620 M in March to a 780ish today :)..verbal sucked ass though :-\
  • makeyourselfxomakeyourselfxo Registered User Posts: 328 Member
    Oh I totally agree with the "home school" advantage... I definitely feel more comfortable since I've taken so many tests there before and done well on them, what's one more?

    Except not all of the tests are offered at my school, only a rare few for some reason. So those that aren't offered at my school, when I have to take it at another school, I always drive there a couple times to know where it's at so I'm not lost and panicking on test morning. I signed up for the June ACT and none of my test centers were available and I was sent to southside of Chicago and I'm in northwest suburbs... about two hours away and in a bad neighborhood? I skipped it, there was no way in hell I was driving there. And no way would I ever test as a standby, I'd be way too anxious.
  • NoFXNoFX Registered User Posts: 3,784 Senior Member
    I also try to get to the testing centre like 30-40min before the whole administrating thing. When driving there, I get all paniky and nervous. And when I get there, I just relax and read the newspaper and I start to get a bit bored there..

    At my testing centre, I was sitting quite close to these smart ass guys who were talking about their tests. One guy was like - "man i got 95% in Chem test. I'm so gonna retake"
    And I just got freaked out by these super competitive psychos..

    So stay away from those people. Get there early and relax there - relaxing is that feeling of boredom and that eagerness to start the test.
  • NoFXNoFX Registered User Posts: 3,784 Senior Member
    Oh and try to get in the classroom first - to pick your first choice seats. Don't try to sit near a window - if there's noise outside, you'll get distracted. If there's a view outside, you'll get distracted. And those damn birds.. you'll get distractd by them too. On my test day in December, these people were constructing a new building in the school and I could hear the drilling and the hammering. And they were so distracting..
  • spazallanspazallan Registered User Posts: 345 Member
    Put your admission ticket in a safe place. When I first took the SAT last year, I had misplaced my admission ticket, and it took me about 30 minutes the morning of the test trying to find that piece of paper. I got to the test center just in time for the test, but I was stressed-out and couldn't calm myself down for the first few sections of the test. I didn't do so well (1300 on the old SAT). But ya, don't be like me. Put your ticket in a safe place. I've learned my lesson....
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