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1150 sat score

Ana111Ana111 Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
Ok i have a horrific low sat I(new version) score of 1150, due to the fact I am the first generation of immigrants. I moved to US recently...
I have a gpa of 3.1weighted 2.99unweighted and i've taken 8 ap classes. My question is if this would kill my chances to any 4 year, or would colleges consider my situation and understand my low sat score?

some schools im thinking on applying to are,

-Niagara University(EA)
-San Francisco state University
-San Jose state university
-Cal state San Bernandino
-Cal state Domingez Hills
-UC Irvine
-UC Riverside
-University of la verne

Thanks in advance.
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Replies to: 1150 sat score

  • worth2tryworth2try Registered User Posts: 925 Member
    They will be more lenient if you are a) majoring in math-science type of thing and b) have a very good score on the math part of the SAT
    By the way, when did you move to the U.S.? I am an immigrant myself :)
    Good Luck
  • Ana111Ana111 Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    I immigrated from Peru 4 years ago. what about you?
  • worth2tryworth2try Registered User Posts: 925 Member
    Russia, 6 years ago
  • Kevin43Kevin43 Registered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    With an 1150, you shouldn't be worrying about getting into a 4 year college. That is well above the national average, and the majority of the students will go to 4 year colleges. You should be able to get into most state schools.
  • worth2tryworth2try Registered User Posts: 925 Member
    She said new version, so that is 1150/2400
  • CLeighDrieCLeighDrie Registered User Posts: 280 Junior Member
    8 AP classes and only a 3.1 w? What were your AP scores?
  • Ana111Ana111 Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    the 3.1 does not include my senior gpa,and im currently taking 4 AP's which would impact my final weighted gpa.

    I've only taken 3 Ap exams so far

    AP Spanish(5)
    AP Psychology(3)
    AP Studio art(2 year course) (3)
  • soumanyonsoumanyon Registered User Posts: 257 Junior Member
    um, I don't think so...1140 is only 380 average per section. Even if you totally bombed english, even if you're only a decent student, math is the same in any language. You should've at least gotten ~500 in math if you're college-bound at all. That only leaves ~300 pts each for the reading and writing which is crazy low, practically impossible to do if you're trying at all. And your english isn't THAT bad, just judging from your post.

    Nothing, even the fact that you're a first gen. immigrant (there's quite a few of us) excuses that kind of score. 4 years isn't that short a time span. I went from ESL to accelerated in a little over two years. If I can do it, you can bet other people can. Valedictorian at my extremely competitive school is first gen, too, with 35 ACT.

    Either this post is some sort of weird joke or you mean old version of SATs or you just totally messed up the test, like bubbled in an entire section wrong or something. Because this is insane.
  • CrayonCrayon . Posts: 955 Member
    "the 3.1 does not include my senior gpa,and im currently taking 4 AP's which would impact my final weighted gpa."

    State universities or CSUs/UCs don't consider your senior GPA unless it's below 2.0. (Somebody correct me if I'm wrong?)

    But hey, unless this is a joke, talk to your guidance counselor about your options since we don't exactly know your situation and ah everything else.
  • OrangeBlossomOrangeBlossom Registered User Posts: 509 Member
    No mean posts here, please....

    As Crayon suggested, you may wish to speak with your GC about your situation. There are schools out there that will consider you without looking at your SAT scores...go to www.fairtest.org. Your GPA is a B average, so all is not lost. You may chose to specifically look at schools that are more understanding and nurturing. Your GPA does indicate that you can handle the work, but I would suggest that you aim smart...so that your college experience will be manageable for you. Better, I think, to aim a little low and shine...than to aim too high at this point and struggle. Remember, you can always transfer to a better school if your first two years are successful.

    Don't let people discourage you. But, do work hard to shore up areas of weakness (it would be helpful to know why you experienced such difficulty with the SAT) and get some advice from one of the GC professionals at school. Lay out your situation, then lay our your goals and dreams. Good luck.
  • soumanyonsoumanyon Registered User Posts: 257 Junior Member
    Situation, blah blah blah.

    Immigrant of 4 years has no right to claim situation. Good colleges have enough fine domestic kids without making an exception for an immigrant. If they run out of those, they can go international and welcome all the kids who'd love a shot and have spotless records and, even better, are willing to pay full tuition.

    Sorry, but that's the harsh truth of it all. If you weren't ready for high school when you immigrated, you should've stayed back a few years. A friend of mine did that, same age as me and she's only a sophomore but at least she's got a 4-point to show for it.

    On the other hand, if you're just going community college or something, you've got nothing to worry about. You'll probably be top of the class. I sometimes forget myself when I ghost over from my usual haunts-most often Columbia, where everyone's a freaking genius and I have to remember to reset my standards to more humanly levels when I leave those areas.

    Sorry if I sound a little harsh.
  • OrangeBlossomOrangeBlossom Registered User Posts: 509 Member
    Soumanyon ~ Cut Ana111 some slack. Please try to remember that at one time, someone in your family was an immigrant and needed a helping hand to get ahead, not a back hand. While an 1150 (new) is low, a B GPA isn't bad. Obviously OP can work and achieve, just standardized tests aren't OP's thing at the moment.

    I hope that when you stumble and fall, and dear soul you will, others are more supportive of you than you are of Ana111.

    I strongly believe that we here on the board should offer up reality with a spoonful of sugar. No situation is so bad, so desperate, that there can't be a positive outcome. You're certainly smart enough to see that positive outcomes are often based on positive attitudes, so I feel it's our job to encourage, encourage, encourage. We should want to insert a very positive audio tape in the heads of people who post here, and treat them with the utmost dignity. This is our common humanity.

    Ana111 ~ Head up. Work hard. Follow your dreams. OB
  • Giants8307Giants8307 Registered User Posts: 505 Member
    I think that SAT score is really going to hurt, so you may want to look into community colleges with high transfer rates to four-year schools. After 2 years at a CC, they won't even look at SAT(usually). It seems like you are capable of getting a good gpa, so this may be a good way to get into a four-year program.

    Other options: Take the ACT or take the SAT over
  • soumanyonsoumanyon Registered User Posts: 257 Junior Member
    "at one time, someone in your family was an immigrant"

    Please don't think that I'm the proverbial bystander poking fun; I'm not. The "someone" in my family includes me. I'm a first gen. immigrant, only been in the US for five years myself. I think that gives me a pretty accurate picture of what she's facing. My grand total of 17 years of life has been split in 3 countries and 2 continents. Oh yeah, I definitely know that, at some time, someone in my family was an immigrant.

    And unfortunately, despite idealized views of the world, immigrants get treated like trash. They're expected to catch up and if they can't, they shouldn't've come in the first place. It's "hard love" in a way. Is it unfair? Sure, but life isn't fair; it's a long series of trade-offs.

    I've known my share of stumbles and trips and flat-on-my-face falls and while support and encouragement are wonderful, so's honesty. And honestly, I don't see how a 1150 on the new SAT is going to get you into a decent university if your best excuse is that 4 years ago, you immigrated.

    There's encouragement and support and there's supporting a delusion. Personally, I think you're able to make better educated choices if you get hard facts to base them on, and while sugar-coating and innocence is nice, planning out your life is something you want to do with the most accurate information.

    Treating people with dignity is respecting them enough to let them form their own choices and opinions after you hand them the facts. Focusing on only the positives of life is coddling and babying. There are negatives in life and everyone has to accept that someday.

    I truly admire your optimism and I'm not trying to get into a debate with you; you seem too nice. But our views of the world and appropriate behavior towards others in the world conflicts. You have your views and these are mine.
  • cy_sunsetcy_sunset Registered User Posts: 213 Junior Member
    To Ana111:

    You should be fine getting into the CSUs.

    But for UCR or UCI, your GPA is kind of low, and your SAT score will hurt you somehow. As OrangeBlossom said, you can go to a communtity college for 2 years and do Junior-transfer to a UC or CSU.

    I am also a newcomer to this country (but not as an immigrant, there is a long story behing this). I came here 2.5 yrs ago. I know how hard it is to do well in high school and how difficult the SAT is. But keep trying and don't be discouraged. Add Oil!!!
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