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Asian SAT Scores Force College Board to Change the Rules

California1600California1600 - Posts: 395 Member
OK guys, I have been in the SAT teaching business for years.

I just want everyone to know that the astronomical scores on the SAT of Asian Americans, specifically Koreans and Chinese students have forced the college board to change the SAT. Much like when the NBA revised its rules because Shaq was too dominating.

The grammar section being added as 1/3 of the new SAT in 2006 is largely a result of the poor grammar skills of Asian students. Back in 1994, the TSWE was the grammar test on the SAT, and schools did not look at it at all. Now it is 1/3 of the SAT test.

The SAT was also recentered in 1995 because of the extremely high scores of Asian SAT takers. The reason they recentered was to lower the ceiling of the SAT, so that the differentiation of the upper 1% of the population in SAT could be more easily confused with the upper 5% of the SAT test takers.

In other words, Asian students are scoring too well, and they are changing the rules of the game, just like the NBA did with Shaq. This has all been confirmed by the founder of an extremely well respected SAT education institute.
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Replies to: Asian SAT Scores Force College Board to Change the Rules

  • conkerconker Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member
    "The grammar section being added as 1/3 of the new SAT in 2006 is largely a result of the poor grammar skills of Asian students."

    Try telling that to all the Asian students on this forum who have achieved the phenomenal score of 800 on writing. In fact, I would be willing to bet that there are more Asians here than whites who have maxed out on that test.
  • sleepisablisssleepisabliss Registered User Posts: 575 Member
    asians are smarter. face it. we are the superior race. hitler had his time, now it is ours. :P
  • conkerconker Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member
    Haha, well, I think Asians get such good test scores because it's in their culture. I happen to have the privilege of living in Asia, and I have seen just how geared this society is towards test-taking in general.
  • theleettheleet Registered User Posts: 228 Junior Member
    Its because asian parents beat you if you don't do well.

    enough said.
  • hellohello Registered User Posts: 1,199 Senior Member
    I'm Asian and its nothing like that.

    Heard of something called "Self Motivation" ;)
  • tallyrandtallyrand Registered User Posts: 154 Junior Member
    California, you've brought no data to prove your radical points.

    The SAT was recentered because more people began taking the SAT in the 90's, including more of the lower class that was likely to score lower. In response to this, the SAT was recentered. The rationale for this had more to do with the lower percentiles than the higher percentiles.

    Also analogies suck, and do not tell anything about your verbal ability. I've an 800V and I still believe this. That's why they're changing that. How do you explain the changes to the math section, Cali? Is that some part of a conspiracy against Asians as well?

    Also, I think your comment that Asians are generally bad at English grammer was offensive to the very ethnic group you're trying to compliment. Talk about stereotyping...
  • Leftist`Leftist` Registered User Posts: 86 Junior Member
    All the asians I know who have super scores seem to be book smart but couldn't come up w/ an original idea to save their lives. Maybe this is just w/ the ones I've talked w/. Has anyone else noticed this phenomenom?
  • wrathofgod64wrathofgod64 Registered User Posts: 2,217 Senior Member
    dad: WHAT U GOT A 1590!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *takes his indian beating stick and proceeds to hit me*
    me: i'm so sorry dad i will do better i understand i am a shame upon this family and that i'm the only 1 not to make it into IIT.

    that's y asians pimp the SAT
  • mediocretesmediocretes Registered User Posts: 448 Junior Member
    hmm, why don't I post some very - and almost certainly racially - inflammitory accusations about why the SAT is being changed. oh, it doesn't matter that i have absolutely no proof, aside from CLAIMING that the info is backed by a "the founder of an extremely well respected SAT education institute" whom I will spare from all this by not naming. oh, and it doesn't matter that he could never be involved with the college board in a capacity to know something like this for the very reason that he's in the test prep business (imagine if someone in Kaplan or something held a high position with the ETS, big scandal).

    I'll put this issue to rest: The writing component that's being added for the New SAT is the same as the SAT II version of that test, which will, by no coiencidence, be phased out at the same time. That subject test is currently required by almost every top university in the country, even when the same schools aren't so specific on the other subject tests their applicants need. The same high percentage of asian high-scorers on the SAT exists for getting into those colleges, and I'm more than willing to wager lots that it also exists for the Writing subject test.

    My point is that asians show top performance across the board, so either ETS doesn't understand the science of statistics (hmmmmmm) or California1600 is a crackpot.
  • elizabeth22elizabeth22 Registered User Posts: 1,353 Senior Member

    Your post comes off as very racist and derogatory to Asians. They score better on average either because they're inherently smarter, or because they work harder. Nothing is stopping anyone else from working, and you shouldn't be accusing one group of making things difficult for people just because they've achieved the goal- to do well.

    In short: This was an idiotic and inflammatory post with no real purpose.
  • California1600California1600 - Posts: 395 Member
    When the NBA changed the rules for Shaq, I found it to be highly complimentary. Imagine to be so good that the rules had to be changed so that everyone else still had a fair shot.

    Asian kids have to overcome a lot of obstacles because they were born into non English speaking families. This is just another one they will have to overcome. Bringing attention to one of many accomplishments to the ignorant should be seen as a priveledge to those to who did not know previously.
  • rsharm32rsharm32 Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    How did the NBA change the rules for Shaq exactly?
  • California1600California1600 - Posts: 395 Member
    There used to be an unlimited time rule in the defensive paint zone. After Shaq showed such dominiation in the paint, they reduced it to a three second limit for defensive players in the paint.

    The three second rule used to apply to just offensive players. Now its applies to defensive players as well.
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