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World History SAT Subject test?

2400Man2400Man 140 replies34 threads Junior Member
Hi, so I'll be taking the AP European History exam this may and I was wondering if I should also take the World History SAT. I'm not taking the World History AP because I've heard that it's much harder than the Sat World History. Also, isn't there a nice curve on the World History SAT?
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Replies to: World History SAT Subject test?

  • chaoskchaosk 72 replies39 threads Junior Member
    The curve's awesome. Do a practice test online (without studying) and see how much of it is general knowledge to you. If you like history and have a flair for it, you should definitely do it. Especially cuz a lot of it is European history...which you're doing
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  • jimmypodjimmypod - 292 replies11 threads Member
    The curve is awesome for a reason. The questions are flipping hard. (Not very good at history here)
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  • DrGoogleDrGoogle 11022 replies24 threads Senior Member
    I thought about this last year when D2 studied AP European. I bought several AP World history for her to take but in the end it was a no. BTW, She received one of the highest grades in this class. Check out Silverturtle link on this subject. I think I would advice you not to take it.
    World History: I will discuss the generalities of all history APs (World, Euro, and US) here and then discuss the particulars of each one in its given section. The history APs are, by and large, a test of memory. If you keep up on your reading and retain it in at least the mid-term, you will recognize the majority of the material on any given history AP. If you have a lot of background knowledge from outside reading, you will be able to figure out most of the ones you don’t know for sure. The essays do not require incisive analysis; you will usually be able to arrive at a correct response without formulating any ideas of your own. The DBQ, if you have practiced, should be free points. World History in particular tends to focus on trends and general characteristics of civilizations and time periods. Some are intimidated by the test’s breadth, but you shouldn’t be, because you aren’t expected to know more than the most important points of each civilization.

    It seems like US history(out of all the history tests) is an easier SAT subject test because the scope is narrower.
    United States History: US History strikes a balance between Euro and World, and is accordingly probably the easiest history AP. The questions are not so detail-oriented as Euro’s, but the subject matter is not so broad as World’s. The DBQ is just like the other tests’. You are given three essay prompts, and must choose two of them. This gives you more freedom of movement than World with less specific prompts than Euro’s. A lot of people find this test the easiest simply because they are the most familiar with American history and are therefore able to retain new facts more readily.
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  • 2400Man2400Man 140 replies34 threads Junior Member
    Bump. Any more suggestions? Can someone tell me which prep books I should use for the sat world history? It looks like though barron's has a lot of unnecessary info, it provides all the material you need to know. The others are pretty succinct.
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  • David1126David1126 150 replies13 threads Junior Member
    My son did well on the World History SAT and I think the Barron's book was very helpful, more for the review, less for the tests which were harder than the actual test. The college board's practice test was helpful.
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  • iluvbooks94iluvbooks94 1004 replies5 threads Senior Member
    Honestly, you don't need a special book to prepare for this. I used my general (non-AP, we only have IB History of the Americas) World History textbook to study. I read it cover to cover, did some practice tests, and went over class notes. I pulled off a 770.

    If you're taking AP, your textbook will probably be even more detailed/helpful.
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  • aneo9988aneo9988 31 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I did euro and art history in one year, plus I am interested in world history- between the end of ap exams and june, I used barron's flashcards (not very good), 5 steps to a 5 (Ap world), and many online sites: textbooks, practice tests, etc. and was able to get an 800 ;D

    It is also very helpful to attempt the Ap world history practice exams- which are more difficult than the sat!!
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