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Old SAT prep books?

andreavalandreaval 133 replies10 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
I'm taking the SAT on May 5, and I have the Princeton Review and Kaplan's 2012 review books... However, I also have 3 or 4 prep books, from like 2006-2010? Is it ok if I use these to study, too? Or is the material on the SAT too different from older ones?

I would order the new versions, but I'm an international student and shipping those is very expensive!
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Replies to: Old SAT prep books?

  • DrGoogleDrGoogle 11022 replies24 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I think it's ok. In fact, I had to purchase PR 2006 version for D2. She didn't like the one her sister used because of marked answers. I needed to compare her progress with her sister to see whether she was on the ballparks.
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  • johnnyzxzjohnnyzxz 429 replies65 threadsRegistered User Member
    Depends really.. I use old books mostly for casual practice, nothing serious

    My school has a 1994 Barron's SAT prep book in the library.. I took it last week. It's literally brand new, no one ever used it. But it looks old as hell haha. I only use it for their sentence completion questions because they're not that different from today's and because it's good practice for when you're bored.

    Obviously, a book from 2006 is much newer and should probably be fine
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  • andreavalandreaval 133 replies10 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Aww thanks! I decided to use books from 2007 to 2012... I hope it works. I just ordered a cheap 2012 book right now just in case :)
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