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SAT Essay Advice?

AspiringAchieverAspiringAchiever 35 replies10 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 45 Junior Member
I'm taking the SAT for the first time on March 10th. That being said, I have some questions regarding the essay section.

1) Is it ok to use two historical examples for the essay?

For example, one of my practice essays asked whether life should be sacrificed for liberty. I thought that two relevant, strong examples were William Wallace's fight for Scottish freedom from English rule, and the feudal insurrection triggered by Japan's 19th century Meiji Restoration.

Is it ok to use two historical examples? I would have liked to include a piece of literature in my essay, but I couldn't think of any books concerning liberty at the moment. Can anyone suggest some books about liberty?

2) Are examples from movies, tv shows, and comics acceptable, given that they are pertinent to the topic?

I would think so, if they can tie in to your argument flawlessly. I'm not fully sure if they would be treated with mild disdain by the readers, though.

Any answers would be appreciated!
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