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Should I retake my SATs? & Help on reading section!

straw123straw123 3 replies4 threads New Member
I'm applying to NYU in January and currently have
550 CR, 770M , 620W - 1940.

I am panning on taking it in December and was wondering if
1. 2,000+ Super score would look significantly better on my application?
2. Will it look bad on my application if I do worse (By 100 pts or so)?
3. Will taking it 3 times affect their decision?

I am also looking for tips to help me on the critical reading section- I am trying to get the score above 600.
On my last test, I seem to be struggling on the passage based reading with
30 correct 12 incorrect and 6 omitted.
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Replies to: Should I retake my SATs? & Help on reading section!

  • iieatcookiesiieatcookies 12 replies2 threads New Member
    Because you are so close to breaking the 2000, I think it should be fine if you retake the SAT one more time. Just make sure to study throughout the week of the test so you don't end up wasting your money by dropping your score by a few hundred points.
    As for a few tips, I felt it really helped me stay focused to underline parts that I felt were important in the passages as I read. Good luck!
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