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How did you approach your first ACT?

stepaul8stepaul8 7 replies13 threads New Member
The ACT snuck up on me and I have it next Tuesday. This will be my first time taking it so I am doing some studying and I am getting a tutor. I plan on taking the ACT in April and June as well. I want April to be a very good score because the ACT in June is the day after final exams so I am not sure how much time I can dedicate to it. If worst comes to worst I can still take it in September and still get my results back before early admission. So I still have plenty of options although I really want to do well on this ACT as a confidence booster. How did you approach the ACT when you took it for the first time? Did you take it to get the feel of it?
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  • observeraffectobserveraffect 424 replies8 threads Member
    edited February 2014
    I approached it for fun as a seventh grader for Duke TIP. It was nice to get a feel of it. Got a 25 then, and on my most recent one, I got a 30, so it was nice having prior experience, even if the seventh grade test doesn't matter for college purposes.
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