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Trig for new SAT

jk3llsjk3lls 8 replies12 threads New Member
I'm feeling ready for the other sections, just not 100% for math. I'm in AP Stats this year, and will be taking pre-calc over this summer to go into AP Calc BC. So, I'm lacking a bit in trig knowledge, but I'm comfortable with pretty much everything else. Does the new SAT test anything other than basic right triangle trig? If I'm also familiar with the unit circle, will that be enough?
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  • Integral69420Integral69420 20 replies5 threads New Member
    As far as I have seen its just basic sine, cosine, tangent, and understanding what those mean and applying them. It wouldn't hurt to do a quick refresh on common trig values like 30, 60, 90 triangles or 45, 45, 90 triangles either. Knowing the unit circle, you should be good!
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