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How hard is SAT Spanish?

karlavvvkarlavvv 37 replies9 threads Junior Member
The college I am going to next year requires a 760 on the SAT spanish test in order to fulfill the language requirement. I took the AP test about two years ago and got a 3 on the test. I stopped taking spanish classes after that. Is SAT spanish very difficult? I think I would do better on the SAT spanish test than the AP because there is no speaking/listening. Any tips on how to get a good score (websites/certain review books/etc). ??? Should I just give up and take the classes in college?
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Replies to: How hard is SAT Spanish?

  • yousefkyousefk 95 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Look up a practice test and take it. My friend who got a 3 on the exam got a 580 on the subject test. I have A's in AP Spanish LC right now but got around a 600 or 650 (can't remember) on the practice test.

    So in my opinion, it's a hard test - but I never paid attention in any of my Spanish classes or cared about Spanish until now. I recommend you study some grammar and take the practice test to see how you'll do.
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