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35 ACT and 1530 SAT

ZeroKelvinZeroKelvin 23 replies10 threads Junior Member
Hi there,

I'm a rising senior that had a few questions about testing.

1.) So when I first took the ACT a couple months ago, I had not studied whatsoever (idk what I was thinking) so I did poorly on my science and reading sections, 33C (36 W, 35 M, 32 R, 28 S, 10 Essay).

I studied and retook it again in June and increased my score to 35C (35 W, 35 M, 36 R, 35 S, 10 Essay)

So superscored my ACT would be a 36C because of my 36 W on the first one.

My first question is, out of the list of colleges I provided below, will any consider the 36 W to make my composite a 36C?

Harvard (EA)
University of Southern California
Johns Hopkins

2.) I took the SAT once and that was last October and got a 1530 (730 CRW, 800 M, 24 Essay)

2a) Do you recommend, considering the colleges listed, that I try to retake it in August to raise that CRW score, I know Harvard superscores SAT, but would it be worth the effort?

2b) Do you recommend sending my 1530 to these selective colleges if I don't take the SAT again considering that my ACT score corresponds to a higher SAT score? I also have 3 subject tests, a 790 in Math II and a 720 in Chem with a US History score incoming. If I don't send my SAT, my understanding is that some of these colleges will take either the ACT or the SAT with SAT Subject tests. If I didn't send my SAT would I not send my subject tests?

Thanks a lot, sorry if I asked too many questions, I appreciate your responses!
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Replies to: 35 ACT and 1530 SAT

  • LindagafLindagaf 9490 replies507 threads Senior Member
    Your ACT is better than your SAT. There is no reason to submit the SAT. You need to check each college website to see if they superscore. That's work you can do yourself. And why would you even consider retaking when you have a 35? If you are looking at those colleges, you know very well that having a 36 is not going to get you in. Once you hit about 34 on the ACT, it's all the other components of an application that matter. Retaking for a 36 makes you seem like a grade grubber.

    If your SAT 2 history score is higher than 720, I would just submit math 2 and history. I believe you can submit subject tests without the SAT 1, but I am not certain. Look at college board's website, and the college websites. If they say must submit all SAT scores if you submit any SATs at all. Then you will have to send the SAT score.
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  • ZeroKelvinZeroKelvin 23 replies10 threads Junior Member
    @Lindagaf Thanks for the reply!

    Yeah, I was never considering retaking my 35 ACT, I was just wondering if I should bother retaking my 1530 SAT again in August so that if I did send it it would be more on par with my ACT. Do you think it's worth the effort?
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  • LindagafLindagaf 9490 replies507 threads Senior Member
    No. Why? You already have a 35. They are not going to doubly impressed if you get an equivalent score on the SAT. As I said, they are not going to be lookIng for more test scores. All the other things will be more important once you hit numbers like that. Don't be a test taking drone.
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  • BKSquaredBKSquared 1460 replies8 threads Senior Member
    The schools you listed have varying rubrics in terms of test reporting. You need to work through each one. Stanford does require all test scores of both tests if you took the SAT and ACT.

    The 35 puts you in prime competitive position. A higher score in either the SAT or ACT won't add anything. SAT II's already hit the necessary threshold, just choose the 2 highest. G'Town is the only school I have come across that needs 3, but neither of my kids applied to some of the schools on your list.

    So don't spend any more time on tests. Do make sure you make the best grades possible in the most challenging courses you can take this year. Your school transcript (grades and rigor of courses) is the first and most important factor these schools consider. Start thinking about your essays (common app and school specific). The final topics/prompts are probably not out yet, but questions are very similar year to year. Try to figure out ways to work your top EC's into your essays as something that shows tangible examples of the qualities you are trying to highlight. Also get a jump on contacting the 2 or 3 teachers who know you the best and can write a personalized LoR extolling your virtues by citing examples of what you have done/accomplished.

    Even assuming you have stellar grades, these are all super competitive schools. Do you have a list of target and safety schools? A good option are honors programs at your state or out of state flagship universities.

    Most important of all, enjoy your senior year, you only get one, and honestly, you are super fortunate to avoid the test prep grind and anxiety!

    Good luck.

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  • ZeroKelvinZeroKelvin 23 replies10 threads Junior Member
    @BKSquared I appreciate the advice!

    Just to clarify, do you recommend I not send my SAT if it is not required?
    And yes, in terms of safeties, I have auto admission to UT Austin and will apply for Plan II Honors as well.
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  • BKSquaredBKSquared 1460 replies8 threads Senior Member
    I would not send your SAT unless it is required (see Stanford). Just send your ACT. Yale will require both ACT scores, but going from a 33-35 will not hurt you.
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  • AfroPuffMomAfroPuffMom 31 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Use this time to work on your essays. You have done all the test taking you need. Good Luck
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