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ACT for the first time!!! HELP

Strawberry017Strawberry017 6 replies6 threads New Member
Hi! So this February is my first time taking the ACT. I’m really nervous and worried because I want to get a high score (obviously..) So, I haven’t really prepped a lot of this test... I have roughly a month and I took one full length practice test and got a 23. A week later, I did a practice test but took one time section a day. Example:
Monday- English..
Tuesday- Math..
With this I got a 24.25 or 24.
Is it possible for me to get a 30 by February 9th? (~26 days). Should I change the way I’m studying? How do I pinpoint my weaknesses and drill them in, so I don’t forget them or get them wrong?
Please anything would be helpful!!
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Replies to: ACT for the first time!!! HELP

  • beautifulchaosbeautifulchaos 64 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I'm also taking the ACT for the first time in February! I think it's definitely possible for your score to increase from a 24 to a 30, but I'm not sure if doing so in a few weeks is feasible. I would recommend just prepping as much as you can for now, take the February test and see what you get, and then retake it in a couple months, using prep books such as Erica Meltzer, CollegePanda, and For the Love of ACT Science to help you with each individual section. I'm assuming you're a sophomore or junior, so you still have plenty of time to increase your score. Good luck!
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  • LindagafLindagaf 9855 replies533 threads Senior Member
    Why rush to take it if you aren’t fully prepared? That’s a great way to ensure you won’t get the score you desire. I suggest you take it in April.
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  • SwoleSoulSwoleSoul 33 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I agree with Lindagaf. I am an ACT tutor myself, and one thing that I suggest is that as this is your first ACT, you can take it as a trial/baseline, and then improve and practice from there.

    If you really would like to try as much as possible for this upcoming test, I recommend taking two practice tests every week. Take these practice tests as if you were in a real testing environment (quiet room, no phone, timed, completed all in one sitting). Doing this, and then learning the problems on which you made mistakes, will help you tremendously. However, this is a strenuous and tough process, but doing these practice tests will definitely pay off.
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  • umiami22umiami22 15 replies0 threads Junior Member
    The best way to improve is to take practice tests each week and after you score yourself focus in on what you got wrong. you can definitely increase your score if you just keep practicing. Best of luck.
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