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Two low SATs, high superscore

aVeryHappyChildaVeryHappyChild 68 replies13 threads Junior Member
So here's the deal with my SAT:

I took the test twice, once in March and once in August. My first score was a 1380 (660 R, 720 M). My second score was a 1360 (740 R, 620 M).

My superscore is a 1460. Will colleges that accept a superscore care that my test average lowered if my superscore is decently high?
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Replies to: Two low SATs, high superscore

  • umiami22umiami22 15 replies0 threads Junior Member
    A lot of colleges accept superscores. They will not care that your two scores are low. Thats the entire point of a superscore. They want you to show your best self. Also, a 1380 and a 1360 are amazing scores without superscoring them. you are fine. Best of luck!!
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 1956 replies32 threads Senior Member
    In theory, you should only have a 1460 next to your name in the evaluation process.

    I have a gut feel that those scores would fall a tad behind someone with just a single 740/720 test result. But probably not by much.
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  • drearyandwearydrearyandweary 15 replies0 threads Junior Member
    If the college states that they superscore you are fine. They have to abide by their own rules
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  • LindagafLindagaf 9936 replies538 threads Senior Member
    It depends. If the college allows you to superstore, that’s great. Some colleges will do their own super scoring. Other colleges will require all tests taken, in which case you must submit them all.
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  • aVeryHappyChildaVeryHappyChild 68 replies13 threads Junior Member
    @drearyandweary @Lindagaf So, theoretically, they won't be able to see that my score decreased?
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  • evergreen5evergreen5 1657 replies33 threads Senior Member
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    Some colleges allow you to self-report scores in the Common App, which only allows you to put the highest score for each section (along with the test date). For these colleges, they would not see your lower section scores. The Common App does not ask for the composites.

    Other colleges require you to order official reports sent directly from College Board to the college, for which you would send two test dates in order to superscore. An official score report from a test date would include both section scores and the composite. These colleges would see the lower composite, but may or may not care.

    Very few colleges still require all test scores. You should check the standardized test requirements on the admission website of each college you are interested in, both to see whether they require all scores and to see whether they require official score reports vs self-reporting.

    (I know a student with a similar superscoring situation who was accepted everywhere they applied and I would guess that the superscore composite was a positive factor. In my opinion, dropping 100 pts in math says more about the quality of the test than the student.)
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35243 replies399 threads Senior Member
    Of course they'll see that your scores shifted. But the point is, you DID make it to a 740R and 720M, superscored.

    And then it matters what possible major(s) you'll note. And what the target colleges want to see for those. Check their profiles and see if 720M is near the top quartile. (I don't think you're aiming for tippy tops, right?)

    Plus, most will look at your transcript, see rigor and grades.
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