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SAT Prep / Questions

curiousambercuriousamber 16 replies5 threads Junior Member
Alright so I'm in an SAT prep course already, but the math part of the course really isn't very helpful.
My latest score was 1210, i want to get it to atleast 1400-1500. I don't think the math wil raise much, the english section probably will..
Problem is my average/gpa is a 90. Freshman year was 88 sophomore was 86, so far junior year is a 91.7.
With my gpa would it really matter if i got a 1400+ or are colleges going to see the gpa and reject me?
I was absent a lot freshman and sophomore year bc of illnesses & stuff.
Would it be worth it for me to try another sat class (after this one is finished) or should I just save the money... ??
The schools I would most want to get into are cornell and boston university. BU is less of a reach though.
Also are those grades enough to count as an upward trend?

Main Points:
Should I just save the money?
How much of a reach are the two schools?
Upward trend?
Are colleges just gonna look at my gpa and reject me despite my sat?
What's the best online program for sat prep? (Your opinion)
Is there a college path for nursing + premed incase I get rejected from medical school and don't want to start all over? (off topic)
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Replies to: SAT Prep / Questions

  • peach0v0peach0v0 89 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I will try to answer as much as I can. Hope this helps.

    If money is not the problem, I would recommend continuing the prep unless you're not improving at all. In that case I would find a math tutor or other class. It really helped me. I only got an 800 on the math section and an overall score of 1560 because I went to tutoring for three years. Some of the concepts tested are not taught in all schools.

    If you do want to save the money, there are plenty of free resources online you can use like Khan Academy that are just as good. The more familiar you are with the math problems the better you will do. Same for English. Also if you haven't taken the ACT yet you should probably try it. Some people do better on one over the other.

    Honestly for Cornell your gpa is kind of low. However, don't let that discourage you. As long as you demonstrate that you are continuously improving your grades in your application, you still have a chance depending on how amazing your activities and essays are. When you apply there will be an additional info section at the very end for you to explain unusual circumstances. I would mention your illness there so colleges know about it. For BU having a 1400+ SAT would greatly improve your chances.

    Colleges these days always judge an applicant based on everything, not just scores. You do want to meet the minimum requirement (which you can find out by looking at the stats of who gets in), but beyond that the selection process is also based on other factors. I would recommend you do a lot of extracurriculars this year and focus on writing fantastic essays to make up for the scores.

    Good luck to you!
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  • curiousambercuriousamber 16 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Thank you so much !
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  • peach0v0peach0v0 89 replies1 threads Junior Member
    No problem :)
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  • SoccerMomGenieSoccerMomGenie 189 replies13 threads Junior Member
    (SAT tutor here) I can't say much about your chances to get into Cornell or BU or elsewhere, especially without knowing more about your classes and extracurriculars. That said, I would think that bringing your SAT score from 1210 to something in the 14-1500s should make a significant improvement in your chances at most schools. I think improvements in the 200-300 point range are doable, with the right effort.

    In general, I don't recommend group classes. It's really hard for them to ensure that individual students get the personalized support they need. I would recommend you continue to work hard in your current class, and try to get the most out of it. After that, I recommend you finding a one-on-one tutor if you can afford it, or do self-study if you can't. Self study can be extremely effective, especially for math and the grammar/writing (section 2). I recommend buying PWN the SAT Math, 4th ed., by Mike McClenathan and The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar, 4th ed., by Erica Meltzer. You should also have the Official SAT Study Guide by the College Board but you should only use it to do timed practice test sections. I have posted detailed guidance elsewhere at this site on exactly how to use those resources. Feel free to PM me after you read those posts if you are interested in additional advice and support.
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